Spotlight Amusements

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Sarasota
Address PO Box 5843
Phone 941-879-3345

Spotlight Amusements Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

On or about May 22, 2014, Lazarus Fernandez, owner of Spotlight Amusements contacted me. He admitted he owes me “a lot of money”. I reiterated to him that some of the money is for homeless veterans. Fernandez then said he will not pay a dime until I post that he had paid which is a complete untruth, a lie that I will not convey. I advised Fernandez that when/ if he pays Round2It the money he owes, we will at that time advise and update. Fernandez fumed telling me that I am “playing in HIS world” and my “taking down” the truths posted about him is “not negotiable.” He also stated he was a “Big Company” and (I paraphrase) my warning others of what he has done and the allegations against him” have no impact on him or his business whatsoever.” When asked again by me where the certified letter containing the check was as his girlfriend had said was sent, Fernandez changed the subject stating he did not contact me because, among other reasons, his “business phone was broken for 3 ½ weeks” . Yes we need the money and yes Spotlight Amusements will not pay us the money they agree they owe us, so we in turn can’t send some of the money to the homeless veterans. I refuse to lie and mislead the public by saying Lazarus Fernandez and spotlight Amusements has paid us when in fact he has not and appears to have no intentions to. My integrity is intact and I will not lie for my own benefit thereby taking advantage of Charities, Civic Organizations and others who might do business with Spotlight Amusements. The bottom line remains… Lazarus Fernandez and Spotlight Amusements still have not paid us and in turn have in my opinion “cheated homeless veterans”.

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