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  • Jul 21, 2014

This is a very simple case of a company taking a payment and not sending the product. Three weeks into this and no emails explaining why and when I email I get no answer from them or it takes days to answer the email but no answer to my question. This is a huge company all over many forums that seem to have supplied a lot of paint guns to many people so to be treated this way is unbeleivable at this point. I would assume something peronal is going on and recommend anyone wanting their product in a reasonable time to look elsewhere for a paint gun. I am now figthing to get my money back as I have had to buy a product from someone else to get the work done I was buying this for and it set me back weeks waiting on this paint gun. So anynone that sees this stay away from Paint gun world and the company that seems to supply them industrial tools and supplys as they dont even seem to stock their own parts so no wonder they have problems.

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