Spring Air Furnace & Duct

Country United States
State Michigan
City Wyoming
Address 3957 Jefferson SE
Phone 616-534-4936

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  • Feb 20, 2016

Rip off

Work incomplete. Had to call another (and licensed) contractor to finish the job after I paid Topolski.

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  • Jul 27, 2015

This story is so true it is criminal. So we decided to get our ducts cleaned. Through a friend of a friend.....we found out about this guy who runs a lone ranger business. Undercut the competition by over $200. Had him come in to clean ducts. Days later members of my household became ill over some odor that was lingering out of the duct work. Come to find out Topolski sprayed Pine Sol into our ducts. There were also 4 furnace filters missing that he stole out of my home. Family members have allergies and Topolski unwilling to rectify the situation.

No refund offered. No offer to make it right. Denied stealing from our home. I don't like being scammed. I called in GRDC and the two contractors that showed up actually took pics of the ducts to show that they were not cleaned according to standards. When I told GRDC who did the work they stated that they get alot of complaints about this Anthony Topolski. He is spraying an aerosol into the ductwork and other tasks he should not be doing as he is not licensed.

Again, did the homework. Sure enough GRDC was right. Now, with that one of my family member's has seen Topolski's vehicle at the local bar for hours upon end. Now I know where my money went.

One day I walked into the bar and was talking to some locals about my experience. They made mention that he was a scam and worked for a place called Northern Health Care in the Grand Rapids and Lowell area with fragile adults. WHOA! They also made mention that as usually he is booze impaired they were not surprised.

Now I am not one for hear-say but these 3 guys seem to know of Topolski's scams quite well. They stated that he mostly takes advantage of the vulnerable elderly and women.

Knowing I got ripped off is not a good feeling. Knowing I was stolen from is not a good feeling. Knowing this Anthony Topolski is taking advantage of people is so mind-boggling.

Consumers be cautious. If it is too good to be true it is false. Be care of Anthony Topolski DBA Spring Air Furnace & Duct Cleaning in the Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding areas.

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  • Nov 18, 2017

Tony Topolski is a Crook

Tony Topolski is a crook. He didn't finish the installation at our home. We had to call someone else to come in and finish it. He kept our money. He is not licensed or insure but states he is. CROOK CROOK CROOK.

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