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SquareTrade Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2015

I requested a refund on two warranties I had purchased from Square Trade, per their refund policy. They refunded the warranties but the refunds were sent to a credit card I have closed out and no longer have. I contacted their customer service (located in Karachi, Pakistan I discovered) and was told a ticket would be put in to correct this and have the refund deposited into my PayPal account. I called again two days later and was told the ticket was closed because the money had been deposited into my credit card that had been closed...I can't seem to make the people in Pakistan understand that the card they refunded the money to is closed.

I asked to be transferred to the U.S. customer service line and was put on hold. After a 30 min (I timed it) wait, I was told that due to high call volume, a U.S. agent was not available and I should try back later. Several hours later, I called back, was put on hold, and was told the same thing.

This is getting ridiculous. My impression is they are trying to wait me out so I'll give up on trying to get the money back. What a company!

  • Mar 16, 2015

I sent my tablet in for repair at square trade's insistence... The screen was cracked, the battery was overheating, and the charging port was bad. They claimed to have repaired it ...what I got was far from a fixed tablet.

The tablet screen has a dark spot in the top left corner. (They must not have checked this)

They claimed they replaced the back cover which was covered in dings all around the new screen, I notice this upon taking it out of the box when I received the "repaired tablet". I'm 100% sure they never replaced this.

The supposedly new battery is overheating...Again either they didn't replace this or did so with some cheap piece of crap.

And by their own admission they never fixed the charging port!!! It seemed to charge fine when I got it back, except now I am having the same problem as before ..If the cable wiggles at all it stops charging! Makes sense since they admitted to not fixing the port..The problem before and now is it gets so bad it just stops charging altogether...

Their line that most items are repaired in 5 days is more lies as it took a lot longer for them to fix only a sub par screen...

Now they want me to resend the tablet back so they can have another go at it?? Unlikely..Now I'm also noticing lag and issues with the screen not responding to my touch like it should..

Its flat out fraud to claim to make repairs and either use cheap parts or not repair what they said they did. On top of that they admit to not fixing all of the problems it was sent in for to be repaired..What use is a tablet that is unable to charge... 3 things needed to be fixed and they managed to not adequately do any of it.

They are only useful for refunds as their repair centers are garbage.

I'll be talking to a manager Monday as well as contacting the better business bureau and maybe my attorney..What a waste of my time and money!!!

  • Mar 3, 2015

Bought a samsung galaxy s4 phone at Costco last year with square trade insurance. i put in a new memory card and the card would not go in. went to Costco and they send me to verizon, who sendme back to costco, only to be told thati have to call the insurance co, which i did. the person i talked to had me watch a video on my tablet on how to fix it. verizon and costco both could not fix it. how could i fix it from a tablet. the insurance is a big rip off, plus when i called, i foud out that it was in Karachi. Helga,Seattle, WA

  • Mar 3, 2015

I bought a laptop on sale for $568, regularly priced at $869. The customer "service" representative told me he would give me a $30 discount because I called on the phone. He also told me the item would be covered up to $869 so it could be replaced if something should happen and it could not be repaired.

Well, something happened, unfortunately. I sent in the laptop for repair and waited the 2-5 days SquareTrade says it will take to fix things. And then another week. And then another week. I kept calling, and they kept telling me they were waiting for parts, but that it would be repaired soon. Finally, I received an email telling me they would NOT be repairing it and would refund me $594 - almost two hundred less than I was sold coverage for.

I now don't enough enough money to replace the product, and I waited almost three weeks for this news.

Because of the so-called "discount" I received when I purchased the plan, on paper it looks like I paid for a plan with less coverage than I was told I was purchasing, so I may have little recourse, because I have no hard proof that their salesman outright lied to me.

  • Nov 10, 2014

I purchased a desk from Staples and the cashier suggested a 3 year warranty which would fix things that broke, even accidental damage by me.

I got the desk home and the slide out key board tray was defective and broke. The desk was heavy and already assembled, I did not want to tear it apart and take back to store. So, I set up the desk without the slide out tray and used it.

Shortly thereafter I noticed the desk was wobbly and actually coming apart at the seams. Plus the desk was chipped originally anyway but I overlooked that as well initially.

Finally, the whole thing fell apart and I filed a claim online with SquareTrade. It was denied to my dismay and I called. The customer service rep said I would have to call the manufacturer, Waymart, to get a refund back. If the manufacturer determined it was an accident on my part (which it was not), they would send me a check or send someone to replace it.

I went to their website and filed a claim and never was contacted back. I throught the darn thing away it had completely fallen apart and bought another desk from Amazon which is great and better quality.

I will never buy again from Staples and was a good customer of theirs for years. The only thing the Store in Woodland Hills, CA was good for was reprinting my receipt. I located the original.

I cancelled the remaining years of the warranty and prorated refund will be issued to me. Problem with that, they don't ask how I want the money, they will be refunding it to a bank account which is closed from another state.

Major Ripoff making the consumer jump through hoops to get something repaired. Word of caution, don't buy these phoney ripoff add on sale warranties.

Shame on Staples for having their employees push these worthless pieces of paper and charging people for it.

  • Oct 13, 2014

Last year, I purchased an UPS from CompUSA (now name changed to Tiger Direct), and decided to get the 2 year Premium Electronics Warranty from Square Trade. The UPS was $215.99 and I was charged $35.98 for the "warranty". I bought the warranty because the person at the register stated that I would get a replacement if the unit failed.

On Friday, October 3, I had a brownout and the UPS did not work. Also, the unit was extremely hot to the touch. I removed the unit from service. On Sunday, Ocotber 5, I took the UPS to the store where I bought it.

There, I was told they could not do anything for me, since I had to call Square Trade and file a claim. Thus, the initial representation made by the cashier was not correct.

On the same day, I called Square Trade, and it took them a long time to find the record. The guy on the line even claimed I never bought a warranty.

Finally, after more than half an hour, he managed to find my record.

I was then told to scan the receipt and sent it to them via email, along with a claim number that they gave me in the call. The said that they would email me back within 1 or 2 days with further instructions.

I never received a response from them.

Today, eight days after sending the email, I called Square Trade and ask about my claim. The call was answered by a guy in Pakistan. After a long wait, he stated that a claim for $199.99 had been approved. I stated this was NOT the price I paid for the UPS. He stated that that was the amounr in "the contract". None of the papers I signed or got when I purchased the unit stated that coverage was for less than the amount I paid for the unit. I tried to explain that to the person on the line. He stated that "my contract" was for $199.99 and that was what they would pay.

It should be evident that the Square Trade Extended Warranty is a ripoff. First, when the warranty is sold, people are made to believe that claims will be handled at the store where the article is purchased, and this is not the case. Secondly, after you call Square Trade, they try to find any reeason for refusing to honor the claim When they finally do, they wantr to pay less thant what was paid for the item covered by the warranty.

Needless to say, I will never buy a Square Trade warranty again. This is a scam. Of course, I will notify the local Department of Consumer Affairs and any other agency that may have jurisdiction.

  • Sep 18, 2014

On September 5th I called for repair on my printer - claim #092878760131. I was told a technician would call the following Monday or Tuesday. On Wednesday, the 10th I called and was told they would call that day. On the 11th I called and was told to give them 48 hours for someone to call - that would be by the end of the 16th.

I called the 16th and was told they would call the tech and call me back shortly. I called them again at 4 p.m. and was cut off. I called them back and Jason said he would call me back. Today is the 17th and I have not received a call and their phone has been busy all day.

I have gone to their website but they do not have on line resolution nor a contact e mail. My claim does show on their system and says it has been referred.

I had explained to them that I need this printer for business but that didn't seem to interest them.

I asked if they would expedite this as it had been so long and they promised a repair or refund. That comment was ignored and the person went right on talking as if I had not asked a question.

I want this printer repaired or my money refunded. I have since had to purchase another printer to stay in business. I called Amazon and they informed me that they had no control over this.

  • Aug 1, 2014

Around 2/2/14 purchased a printer on line warranty was offered by Square Trade to extend it for two years. Starting having trouble with the copy function made a call to Square Trade to make a claim on my wonderful warranty (not).

Coustmer service is great told me exactly what I wanted to hear. Claim has been started a technician will call you within 48 hours and schedule an appointment to fix your printer, and the second, and the third. On the third call they offered to refund my money for the warranty, I argued that I did not want to cancel the warranty just simply wanted the equipment fixed. I was assured that it would not cancel my warranty but this would be done because of all the trouble I had , and that another work order had been created and a technician had been contacted and would be calling me within 48 hours to schedule an appointment(lie)

They even went so far as to give me their personal extension in case the tech didnt call. He didnt, so back to Square Trade I go punch in the extension and it goes to know one. On 7/24/14 I call again to let them know I have never been contacted by anyone to do the repairs and was informed that my warranty had been cancelled and that my claim had also due to inactivity.

After a little persuassion we still have the warranty( for what its worth) but now they have no one in my area to do the repairs (why not tell me this day one). I was told to get the equipment repaired myself send them the bill and they would pay for it (yeah right). I dont remember in the fine print that the warranty was only good in certain areas if so prob wouldnt have bought it

I have spent alot of time on the phone holding for the same bs answer. I guess if Im only one out of a hundered that keep calling back they have done pretty good (at 90 bucks ). My time is worth money and I would like them to pay for that.

  • Jul 31, 2014

Cancelled Waranty stating they don't off waranty on parts, went to order a new part and they offered me a waranty.

  • Jul 4, 2014

I took my computer to Staples when it broke down and they told me it was ravaged by viruses. They fixed it and also sold me a SquareTrade Warrenty at the same time.

I didn't think the techs at Staples would risk their reputation by selling a bogus Warrenty plan so they are either ignorant about SquareTrade or they do not care if they're trustworthy or not.

Anyway, my computer started to brake down again after they fixed it and they explained to me how to file a claim. When I sent them the receipt copies they asked for I never heard back from them. I know this is a common practice companies use to get you to give up.

I did not deserve to be kicked off their website.

  • Jun 30, 2014

I purchased my phone and Square Trade warranty though Costco. Being accident prone I broke four phones in just over a year. When I broke the fourth phone I was told that my warranty benefits were now all used up. I understand and was okay with that.

What I am not okay with is that Square Trade sent me a replacement phone that did not have a working camera. I tried to get it replaced but was told my warranty was out and that I had the phone for more than 30 days and they could not help me any longer.

Why did I have the phone for 30 days before getting it warrantied? Becasue when I tried to get it warrantied during my vacation I was told they could not find my account info and I would have to call back with my costco membership number to access my account. When I called back a week after my vacation I was told that I had waited to long............

Square Trade replaces phones only with remanufactured units. Now they are jerking me around and refusin gto replace the phone. I have been promised call backs from supervisors multiple times and it never happens. As I sit here and type I am waiting for a return call I was promised with-in two minutes. Still waiting.

I will be taking this issue with with Costco Member Services as well as filing a small claims case, if no reason other than to make a point.

I will not be using Square Trade again and will stick with the warranty offered by my celluar company.

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