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  • Dec 8, 2014

St Clair County CPS and Foster Care are the most crooked bunch of liars. My brother and his wife split up and after the kids were taken out of my parents home where they lived with my brother and his wife the CPS got involved and actually were assisting my family getting the kids back home since the mother could not support them properly. After losing the court custody she went ahead to drop the kids off and move to Kentucky and so my parents were back to taking care of them and seeking out adopting them. Everything was going fine until there was a change in the social worker from Mental Health services. A new worker started coming and making problems. She filed reports and falsely accused my parents of neglect. My parents dont have alot of money but they are not neglective or abusive. I am the aunt by the way. The kids were having all their needs met and very loved. The social worker one day complained she felt it was too cold then the next day the heat was warmer and she faked being dizzy and called the fire department. They came and tested the levels in the house and found nothing wrong only that oen of the smoke detectors should have a battery replaced.

The main issue being my brothers unemployment also seemed to bother them and they placed alot of nearly impossible requirements for him to do things he couldnt afford the travel from Algonac to Port Huron several days a week which is over 40 miles and appointments with mental health and other agencies while having to find a job. However the kids were provided and cared for by family. Shortly before Christmas a year ago the police came into the home and removed the 3 boys without any warning or reason. They were placed in foster care and homes seperately. My brother and parents have visitations but the last visitation the oldest boy started speaking up about being abused and the CPS and foster services ran in room ending things saying that my parents redirect the conversation or never see the kids again. They said alot of rude things off the records and never let my parents have a phone and checked for recording devices. They were admitted to by one worker there were falsifications. It was reccomended my parents go through Foster training and get licensed to get the kids back. So they went through the process and in another meeting the foster mother was on a conference call during the meeting saying shes not letting him go hes part of the family. She basically said she was going to fight to keep him.

My parents had completed the Foster care and their home was inspected and while waiting on their license their worker was on vacation. They were unable to contact her or anyone at the agency. One day while having a lunch break from work at Burger King in St Clair the foster family with my oldest nephew showed up. My mom seen her grandson but she said nothing. Diud not wave did not approach them nor did my father who didnt know they were there until my mom queitly told him. My oldest nephew Marky seen my mom and instatly shouted my mommy! The foster mother grabbed his arm and shouted thats not your mother and dragged him into the enclosed play area. She gave my parents dirty looks and my parents threw out their lunches unable to eat and left. My mom continued trying to contact her worker or someone at the agency and no answer or resply. When the worker was back from the vacation she called my mom saying theres been a problem. The foster mother went to the court and filed a restraining order and had accused my parents of starting a fight at the burger king. My mother went to burger king and talked to the manager and they told my mom they seen nothing happen and would provide securty footage if needed but the foster care worker said it didnt matter unless they could afford a lawyer (which they couldnt) then she might as well forget the kids.

So despite all the hurdles and promises and hoops they made my parents go through to get custody of their grandkids in the end they screwed my parents and family from seeing our boys ever again. My parents have to now worry if this foster family or the others show up in the same public place since they all live within same county and my dad works as a tow truck driver and so hes all over the place all day. Now they have to worry if this lying abusive family will show up at another location and make another false accusation so they can try presisng charges or getitng my parents arrested, My mother is heartbroken and depressed and has to have relatives check up on her and keep her busy or she would sit home and cry and give up. She loved her grandsons dearly and St Clair county has destroyed her famiy. She cant believe the court allowed a restraining order without any evidence no testimony nothing. My parents just do not have the money to hire a good enough lawyer so they are lost. The boys now sit with different strangers and are being abused most likely. The last visitation they ever had when the oldest child spoke about it she noticed the middle child was very sullen and depressed and quiet though happy to see her and dad. the youngest was boy was really happy to see them and the oldest was saying they are hurting me until the meeting was stopped and they were threatened. Which they made true with the threat despite my parents doing as told and redirecting the conversation because they never prompted him to say anything in the first place.

Its a terrible shame that this is allowed to happen to any family and little seems to be done unless you were to have the money to fight it and gain some kind of community support. Now my mom cant even speak to or send them gifts or cards. I dont know if I can even contact them as their aunt I also feel hurt and at loss that my nephews will be abused and never seen again. I tried contacting the press and fundraising online but nothing worked out. Its been a year now and my mom is in a very vulnerable depressed state. My nephews birther is the 12th of December and Christmas is coming. She still has all their gifts wrapped from last year and had left the tree up well into summer(fake tree of course) hoping she would get them back. I sent them gifts form Germany as well where I currently reside.

I know other people in St Clair county who have also had their children stolen and false accusations and issues. Its a crooked system that punishes low income families while the real abusers pay their way out of their crimes and make money shuffling kids through the system. I now gotta worry about my parents as they suffer every holiday season with terrible depression and on the kids birthdays. How would you feel if you mom called you or skyped crying her heart and soul out and suffering? I hope one day someone can take on and expose the fraud and help families who do love and care for their kids not to go through this. I hope my story gets out and maybe the press or someone can help my parents. Its been a year since they were taken my brother and his ex wife lost custody and my parents now cant have contact. They have come to accept they have no way to fight this legally. They are at a loss.

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