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Country United States
State Cambodia
City Kansas City
Address 1000 Carondelet Drive
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  • Jul 5, 2014

This is a conspiracy complaint in the United States District court(1:cv-12-06262)on appeal (14-907cv) in the United states Court of Appeals 2d Department.

My Complaint: These defendants being instructed by the courts and (FBI)cordinating the conspiracy, to deprive me medications and possibly commit murder. First, for over an extended period of time these defendants would refuse me pain meds for Rheumetoid Arthritus-721 High factor. Heres what they would do, on numerous occasions they would write scripts signed by their nurse or write the pescription wrong knowing the insurance wouldnt cover it and the pharmacy wouldnt fill. On several occasions i was denied to be seen by a doctor. Even denied pain meds to me in the ER.

All the defendants insisting I take presidone and Moltrin.Now if a person has liver damage these meds combined would accelerate the process of liver failure. Do I have liver damage? Almost impossible for me to prove, because if I do no hospital or lab is going to give me blood work indicating liver damage, they would assuredly alter the results.

A real important factor here is that I went to a private doctor in NY to have my conditions diagnosed and this doctor having a lab on site was terrified to do my blood work. She insisted I went to the Hospital, her reasoning was that she charged 900 dollars for the test and the hospital was free. she even refused after offered to pay the nine hundred.

In part of this conspiracy, since the defendants in Pennsylvania were denying me meds I traveled to NY to Suny's Medical center in the ER where they prescribed me Vikadon for ten days. Again since the PA Defendants continued to deprive me meds I traveled back to Suny, except this time the doctor refused to give me anything. Heres what they did, they planted an informant in the cubical next to me to solicit me with a narcotic perscription. Very clever dont you think? The doctor became very nervous with the whole situation especially after I threatened Federal Suit and rushed me out the building giving me a perscription for moltrin and presidone.

Now when Saint Joseph first bagan prescribing me pain meds heres what the doctor said. Im going to prescribe you the meds with one condition that you go to the same pharmacy to get them and even had me sign a contract. On one evening while picking up my script I noticed the pharmicist was stalling, a fifteen minute wait turned into 45 minutes. Suddenly a caucasion male approached her and handed her a bottle of pills, same size bottle and same color as mine. No words were exchanged.She then walked over to my window to hand me the pills. When I accused her of the wrong doing she tried to tell me that those pills were right there on the counter but offered no explanation about the man that handed her those pills noe would comment on the matter.Thereafter I would have to go to a different rite aid pharmacy every time when getting my meds.

Another sernario of this conspiracy is that when the police in both states and fBI placed the GPS in my vehicle I was in the Kings County Family Court where the judges attorney and the mothers attorney were stalling me from leaving the building. On that evening on my way home very late at night I was alarmed by a truck speeding up behind me as if it were going to ram my vehicle from behind I immediately sped up and took off away from the truck.

Later I was subjected to a traffik stop and issued a speeding ticket doing 25mph in a 25 mph zone, while they were using the GPS. They routinely follwed me on a daily basis for two months until I found and removed the GPS from my car.

Other threats by the FBI prior thereto , while surfing the internet on how to file a federal lawsuit, they wrote " If you continue with these lawsuits and anti-Government shananigans we will be forced to take care of the problem."

Other things they did, was tampered with my debit card making unauthorized charges to a dating site to keep without funds to respond to the attorneys motions. When I asked Christian mingle what name was used to make the charges, the said Face man looking for you!

If you are reading my reports, this should raise some serious public concern because this could happen to you or someone you love. After my child being legally Kidnapped and being terrorized by the government and the courts all involved in a cover up scheme , I searched and found that there are other victims as well in this tyranny sweeping across the United States. Take a look at the Florida couple who fled the United States because they were afraid for their lives and are now sitting in the Federal penetentary for kidnapping their own children.The media covered the story and didnt go into any detail on why this couple were so afraid they felt the need to flee.

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