Stacey Kubyn, Esquire

Country United States
State American Samoa

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  • Jul 28, 2014

Stacey Kubyn tries to discredit people who report her by making false accounts accusing anyone brave enough to speak up about her long track record of fraudulent behavior seem less credible.

My personal experience involved paying a full price for a puppy which was never delivered. Time after time the excuses were the puppy is unwell, i am waiting for a better litter, this puppy has hip dysplasia. Etc. Of course part of the fault lies in trusting a stranger to 'do the right thing', giving someone you don't know money in trusting they will complete the transaction.

I would STRONGLY urge anyone to take extreme caution when dealing with this lady, as she is a sociopath who will harrass anyone who tries to follow up with any action or to inform those who are unaware of her history.

Honestly, how many time could a person fall into disrupte with people who simply 'don't like you'.

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