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  • Aug 23, 2014

I started work in October 2013 and I Injured myself at SMX/Staff Management in November 2013.

I filled out a report at Amazon Warehouse in Tracy and filled out a report with SMX Manager.

I told my Manager that I reinjured my back at work and they made me fill out the wrong paperwork.

They treated this as a Personal Injury which it was not and I got Injured on the Job.

They did not send me there Doctor until 10 days afterwards because they said I had to get a note

from my Doctor stating that I was injured on the job at SMX job site in Tracy, CA. I never got paid for the

12 days that I was off and they denied my W.C. claim. When I went to their Doctor I had him put the

correct date on the medical report of the day I really got Injured.

The Doctor put me on Light Duty work and said I cannot work in the warehouse because of my Restrictions.

When I came back to work and gave them my report, the Managers treated me like I did something bad.

They shorted my hours from 40 hrs. to 20 hrs. since Nov. 2013 and never gave me extra money for temporary disability.

They shorted me on 45 hours from Dec. 23, 2013 to Jan 4,2014. When I asked the Managers several

times they said I did not work those hours. I called payroll and told them that I was shorted 45 hours

and that I was going to file a complaint with the State Labor Comm. in CA if I do not get paid.

SMX Managers also fired me on 2/11/14 and they knew I had a Doctors Apt. the same day. They fired

me because of my Attendance, which is not true. Because half of the points was the results of my back

flaring up and could not go to work. The Manager also fired 4 other Employees that where on W.C disability

for the same reasons. This is total Discrimination and the Company needs to be aware of this. The Company

will never learn a lesson until the employees file reports of discrimination or any labor issues in the State.

They also stopped me from getting my Unemployment and I had to file Appeal and that took me 9 weeks to

get Appeal date. I never received any income from anywhere else and this Company had totally messed up

my Finances and left me Homeless. Thanks to the County helping me because I would of never had any food

either. If any employees are victims of being shorted of wages, harassed, discriminated or wrongfully fired

should file a complaint right away, because the Company does not care about their employees. Also they

Lied to all the employees and promised them them that they would get hired on permenately with Amazon

when I got hired for Seasonal work. Instead they laid off 500 employees at the end of Dec. 2013 and nobody

got hired on permanately. I would never tell any of my friends to work for this Company because they treat

employees unfairly.

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