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  • Oct 29, 2014

I contacted Stellar Entertainment to book a band for my mother's 60th birthday party. I spoke to a man named Mitch. He said he had the perfect band for my event and was going to charge me $1000. I was very happy at this point because $1000 was within my budget and the songs he told me the band was going to play were perfect for my mother.

I agreed to use Mitch's company and paid a deposit to reserve the band. As the event came closer, I would try to contact Mitch to ask him for more details, like how much sapce does the band need to set up their equipment, and other things like that. I could not get ahold of Mitch no matter how often i tried to reach him. After about a week of calling Mitch, he finally answered, and yelled at me saying how busy he is and i should not be calling him. He was very rude and aggressive towards me, and i was in shock because i was a new customer of his!

I had basic questions about the band, and he talked down to me and treated me like an idiot for having to ask questions about the band. I was very upset with Stellar Entertainment at this point, and i wanted to talk to someone else about it. Mitch said there was no one else to talk to and that I could either work with him, or lose my deposit and be out of luck. He also rushed off the phone without answering my questions. A few more days went by and my mom's birthday was getting closer. I again tried to reach Mitch, and again it took me multiple days for him to even give me a minute of his time.

When i spoke to Mitch a week before the birthday party, he said he double booked our band, and said that he would have to charge me $2000 instead of $1000 to be able to keep the band, or else he would just give the band to the other booking event. I was so upset by the whole situation. Mitch was acting very unproffesionally and knew i was in a tough spot because i didn't have enough time to find a different band. Like an idiot, i paid the higher amount. On the day of the birthday party the band showed up over 1 hour late, was complaining about Mitch, and said they would never work for him again. They said they had never been paid by Mitch as promised, so i have no idea what Mitch did with the money. The band's bad attitude affected their performance and the whole day was jut ruined.

I can't believe Stellar Entertainment would let someone like Mitch work for them. If you need to book a band, please avoid Stellar Entertainment and Mitch Lautman at all costs!!!

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