Steven Baring

Country United States
State American Samoa

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  • Jul 28, 2014

I have read many reports concerning STEVEN BARING

i thought I would share my experience with everyone

i purchased a vintage Rolex chronograph from Baring who assured me the watch was a genuine original Rolex

he persuaded me to deposit a sizeable amount of money direct into his bank

after the cash was deposited he decided to go abroad on holiday for six weeks and I was not able to contact him in any way

eventuly after some considerable time the watch was posted to me

on arrival I instantly knew the watch was a complete fake

I had several discussions with baring about the watch first he tried to say the watch was genuine

then he said he bought the watch without seeing it and did not was fake

i did some inquiring myself and actually found the man who sold the fake to Baring

he told me Baring bought the fake watch from him along with many more and he was fully aware that all the watches he purchased were made up of bits and pieces from other watches and custom made cases made to look vintage

when I tried to get my money back from Baring he made every excuse imaginable not to refund me

i had to contact the police and trading standards who eventually got my money back for me

but this was a long horrible transaction where I was treatened by Baring many times

He still after many months emails saying things like an ill wind I haven't forgotten you

I would strongly advise anyone who comes into contact with STEVEN BARING to stay well clear


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