Sunshine Valley

Country United States
State Arizona
City Chandler
Address 1650 S Arizona Ave
Phone 855-573-1118

Sunshine Valley Reviews

  • Jun 4, 2015

Some scam they got going at sunshine valley.they offer 300$ reward for refferals.but mean while evicting people for weeds.once they get u hook on a morgage the games begin.i never delt with some of the worst mangement as they have running sunshine valley.i lived there almost 10 years.never had a problem until they hired oscar and u can put your car on a jack with out receiving a letter of a mechnic by trade and i have used cars that need to be maintained.i was change the pan gasket on my crown vic and i got a letter threightening eviction if i continue the pactice of put my car on a jack.then i received a letter they were going to tow my van if i didnt fix the tranmission i had my son put in a rebult transmission,but he didnt tighten one of the cooling lines.he went out and ran the van made a mess.before i could get out and clean it up they had already came over and took 8 x10 color glossy pictures of it.i cleaned day i received a notice to appear in court for remember this all extends from them towing away a freinds carand so i called complaining about that practice towing cars for parking in the street while they left trunks and manlifts in the street.kind of like do as we say not as we do.rule do apply to manager and crew.i heared they got in trouble for towing a car with a baby still inside it.i speak from experance,just the other day i dropped my newborn grandaughter and was helping with the diaper bag.before i could turn around they had backed up a tow truck.well as it goes i was forced out of my beware it not all sunshine and roses at sunshine'd be better off buying a house or your own land for a manufactured home rather than being intemindated or eviction threights.or having to deal with plain old mean a matter of fact they closed the pool most of the last year i was there just to spite kids that was tearing it up.there not any pool hall.and they dont allow u to use the rest room or if you move there remember you can only park in your spot at your trailer,or club house,or they well tow it.its not worth it .so when you come up on the big sign that saids sunshine valley hit the gas and go on past.

  • May 28, 2015

I have been a resident with sunshine valley for almost a year and I can honestly say that this place doesn't care about it's residence. Since i started living here i have seen numerous drug dealings, criminal activity, Cars drifting around the community, People letting their children run rampid around the community, and constant police presence. This is pretty much a daily occurance. The activity even happens right in front of their cameras. I as a resident who owns my home, have facilitated multiple security agencies coming in and interviewing with the management for the ability to properly deal with the criminal activities and constant vandalism. Every time i have sent in someone i hear back that "we dont have the budget" yet the property is renovating a pefectly good basketball court, repainting a playground that has already been grafitti'd again, and other misc. projects. Also the property refuses to fix the cable lines or get cox to run cable into this neighborhood so if you move here be prepared for unstable internet that is constantly down.

The only way that i will feel that this property cares about the residents is if they finally enact a security service and fix things around this community. If they can identify a person not picking up their dogs poop on camera they surely can identify a drug dealer or someone looking through vehicles.

If you are a property manager or corporate rep feel free to contact me through this post publicly

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