Susan Walker

Country United States
State Cambodia
City Independence
Address 116 S Pleasant Street

Susan Walker Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2014

My wife and I were looking at a possible apartment to rent the other day. Outside the apartment complex there's a box that says if there's no applications in the box to please be sure to come by 116 S Pleasant Street and an application would be available there. We stopped by that address and spoke to Susan Walker. She is the owner of the apartment building for rent. After we arrived there we were then told that there is a $5.00 fee for the application. Nothing like that was mentioned at the apartment site. I was then told because my wife and I were applying that it would be $10.00 because there were two people involved. She seemed rather eager to get the ten bucks from me but I went ahead and paid her the cash. About a day later we decided that we wouldn't be renting from her because the pet fee was too high. I then handed her the two application forms she had given me and asked for my ten dollars back. She refused saying,

"No, I don't give any of that money back" I then asked her why she hadn't told me that

it was non-refundable? She said, "Because ou didn't ask", and shut the door on me.

In this case it's not the ten bucks I'm upset about. It's the fact that she was decieving in her practice of getting it. How many people has she done this too? I'd imagine she's gotten herself and nice little pile of money from other nice folks and is quite happy with her little scam. So I would like to let others in the future know that once you give her that money you're never going to see it again even if you don't apply. Who would want to rent from someone like this?

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