Synchrony Bank (Formerly GE Capital Retail Bank)

Country United States
State Colombia
City Kettering
Address 950 Forrer Blvd
Phone (800) 250-5411

Synchrony Bank (Formerly GE Capital Retail Bank) Reviews

  • Aug 27, 2014

Attached to this post you will find two documents. Anyone that has an account with Pay Pal EBAY & the bank they use now "Sychrony Bank" your being screwed one way or another & don't even know it.

These corporations have a math method that only they know how to do. They answer your emails from the Drop Down Menu they provide without even looking at what you are writing to them. No matter if it is one sentence in your email or ten all you get for an anwer is a form letter.

I didn't even know just how "EVIL" these corporations were until I found out about just what liers they are back in October of 2011.

To this day NOTHING has been done & they continue to "RAPE" & "VIOLATE" the customer in "MONEY" they obtain "Illegally" from them, that is why they changed their name again, Four Times Now!

What are our state & federal agencies doing about it? Who knows so far NOTHING that I can see. Someone or Somebodies have to be on the take for these Crooks to continue to get away with all the "Illegal Activities" they have done & continue to do to this day. Who knows when all these "Illegal Activities" started mine started in 2011.

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