Synergy Fitness Clubs

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1781 2nd Ave
Phone 212-426-0909

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  • Apr 18, 2015

- I used the 1781 2nd Ave, Synergy Fitness Gym from mid 2010 - mid 2012

- I started training for a Marathon and didn't need to use they gym anymore (I had no malice towards the gym at the time)

- I went in to cancel, which the person behind the desk said was fine - but didn't inform me of the actual process of how to cancel

- Over a year went by without hearing anything - assuming that my cancellation was processed and fine

- I received a letter from a collection agency, Vangroff Williams on 02/07/14 saying that I owed the gym over $564.12 for unpaid fees

- The gym had made no effort to contact me, yet they had all of my correct contact information, which I confirmed, in person, with the Manager Suzanne Park on 2/14/14

- After receiving the letter, I immediately went to the gym to try and figure out the collection issue. I also called the collection agency to dispute the claim

- After talking with the Gym's manager, Suzanne Parks in person, she assured me that she would look into it and help me resolve the situation

- After my original discussion with her, I heard nothing more from either Suzanne or Vengroff Williams after multiple contact attempts. My wife and are saving to buy a house and this would crush my credit if anything happened, so I wanted to sort it out immediately

- Another year went by without hearing anything, until I get another call from a different collection agency, Performance Portfolio on 02/15/15, saying I owed over $1,006.00

- The gym, after trying to collect the first time, hadn't closed my account and had let it accumulate more fees, even after I went above and beyond to solve the payment issue the first time. Again, the gym had made no attempt to contact me before sending my information to the collection agency

- I am not an unreasonable person, I would of settled this matter immediately if the gym had simply reached out the first time I missed a payment

- My billing history with the gym and my credit history in general shows that I pay all of my debts on time

- I have now paid the original amount of $564.12 to Performance Portfolio to put this matter to bed and to avoid any potential credit issues

- I have found this whole experience very unethical, and would like to report these collection practices, in an attempt to receive a refund and to help prevent Synergy from doing the same with other customers

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