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  • Jul 25, 2014

On a moderately rainy Friday, May 9, 2014, at between 3:15 and 3:30 p.m. CST, I was approached while pumping gas at Rattlers Country #10 gas stations, 9001 Highway 290 E., Chappell Hill, TX 77426, by Mr. George Allen Alexander, 23 yrs. of age, who was casually dressed and driving his personal vehicle, a Red, 2014 Dodge AXT; vehicle plate number: CSD0425, VIN: 1C3CDZCB9EN120929.

Mr. Alexander claimed that he worked for an audio retailer and that, due to a client changing the order after supplies were purchased, he had extra speakers and was authorized by the management of the Rattler to sell his inventory on their property.

Mr. Alexander repeatedly stated the speaker's "value" was ~ $1800, and proceeded to demonstrate this fact by providing me with a glossy magazine advertisement that detailed the quality and high retail value of the speakers (See Exhibit A). He also provided me with a link to a reputable-looking website which listed a customer service telephone number and support e-mail address.

He then bombarded me with a lot of technical jargon while I continued pumping my gas.

Seeming like a well-intentioned young man, I stated to him that I did not need a stereo system, as I already had one. But, I told him that I was headed to Brenham where my son was graduating on that same day and that he could probably use it in his new apartment. He then stated that he would sell the $1800 speaker system to me for $400, which I promptly stated that that seemed a bit low for such an expensive system.

Mr. Alexander then stated that it was only because of the late hour at the end of a long week, that he was willing to get rid of his remaining inventory at "well below retail" prices. I stated then that I did not have that much money to spend. He then said he would sell it for $200, and then stated that, since I was getting such a great deal, I should pay an additional $20 for beer money – it being Friday and all.

Agreed to what appeared to be a reasonable transaction, with one caveat – I requested his cell phone number and took down his license plate number; for which he appeared more than willing to provide. After paying him, and allowing him to load the box into my trunk, I then made one final request to verify his relationship with the Rattler store manager before concluding the transaction. I then proceeded to go into the store, however upon entry, I looked back and Mr. Alexander was hastily leaving.

At this point, I became very concerned.

Upon reaching my destination, I began an internet search for the product company, Synergy Home theatre, which promptly produced several links to pages alleging that this product was sub-par and a tool in a nationwide con artist scam. At this point, I called Mr. Alexander at the cell-phone number he provided me, at which point he promptly notified me that I had been duped. I told him that I had every intention of getting my money back and returning his merchandise. I then terminated our conversation

Watch out for this guy.

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