Synergy Roofing Omaha

Country United States
State Canada
City Omaha
Address 1619 N 102nd street
Phone 4026695185

Synergy Roofing Omaha Reviews

  • May 8, 2014

Hired this contractor to do a roof and siding job for me after the hail storm in 2013 and to my surprise this contractor was willing to break any laws to make a buck and tell the insurance company that there was damage that didn't exist. I told him I would not do anything fraudulent towards the insurance company and he claimed he does it all the time and its no big deal. When I confronted him he became beligerent and very rude and yelling at me. I would never deal with a guy who would break the law to make a buck. Buyer beware if you do business with this guy.

I would never recommend this company.

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