Syrup Boutique

Country Australia
State Victoria
City Hampton
Address 370 Hampton St
Phone 61-3-9597-0177

Syrup Boutique Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2015

After ordering shoes online, I received two suspicious emails. One was from a gmail address, confirming my order, the other from a company to say my payment had been received on behalf of the store, by Fristpay. It didn't take much research (simple Google search) to find out Fristpay is a well known scam company in China.

But I realized the website where I purchased the shoes is a front, what used to be an actual shop in Australia, and has apparently been taken over for scam purposes.

A couple weeks went by and I received shoes that were completely different than what I ordered. This is the common scam of Fristpay.

Do not buy anything from

You will not get your money back!!!

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