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SysTools Software Reviews

  • Jul 2, 2014

My company purchased the Google Apps backup software. The version we purchased claimed to be able to back up multiple mailboxes from a single logon. It failed, and their tech support downgraded me to the previous version, which did not have the same features. I was performing legal discovery on a tight time budget and gave up and did it manually since they could only offer to look into it later. I asked for a refund but they denied it, saying that I refused their help.

In other words, they sell software that diesn't work, offer to fix it after you buy it, and turn you down when you request a refund according to their policy. I didn't want a software development project, I wanted software.This is an incompetent and dishonest vendor and I recommend that you steer clear. It disgusts me that I was honest and paid for the number of users I though I would need, rather than ripping them off. Now I'm out $119 for crap software that doesn't work and I spent two days doing the job it was supposed to do. Stay away from this company! They have no integrity.

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