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Country India
State Eastern Suburbs Mc
City Jaipur
Address 572 & 573, G-1, Tower B-1 Evolve, IT/ITeS Mahindra World City, Village Kalwara, Taluka Sanganer,
Phone 1412243030

Systweak Software Reviews

  • Sep 27, 2014

They have a number of products on line. They cram additional software when you try to download one of their products. In my case Regclean Pro was crammed even though I deleated the check mark in the accept box. Once it loaded it ran a scan, and then would not allow itselft to be killed off without "Registering". No amount of money was listed until I used Task manager and Programs to delete the program.

In summary:

They cram software and are somewhat deceptive in what they are trying to load.

The product (Regcleaner Pro) is suspect because the reports it gives seem to be inflated.

The product does not allow escape from their Sales / Register system.

After clearing out the software a web page came up offering me the product for $9.99 with a claim that that was 50% off; their web page says the cost is USD26.95.

Over all a poor performance, I blasted them in WOT as did many other.

  • Jun 23, 2014

My sister was having some issues with her laptop and it required a reformat. I formatted the HDD and installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 - along with the usual windows updates etc. I then returned it to my sister, and she did one single thing with it - she searched google for DirectX because a game she installed via a DVD required DirectX to function, as most do, and directx was not included on the dvd itself. She did not know what it was, so searched to find out what it was.

All it took was a banner ad / popup about these programs, for the computer to become infected with this malware, and she began getting popups telling her about issues that needed to be fixed. She knew this wasn't possible as I had just formatted her hard drive and deleted everything and she hadn't done any search other than this, on the internet, so she closed everything and shut the computer down, and I told her I'd look at it.

Upon restarting the PC I was bombarded by "Advanced System Protector" and "RegClean Pro" telling her that it has found 41 infections on her PC and requires cleaning - at a cost, of course.

This is blatantly obvious fraud as there could not possibly have been anything aside from what came from this advertisement. I stress that there was absolutely nothing willingly installed or accepted on my side to allow the installation of these programs.

All these Systweak programs have done is lie about there being a problem, and offering to fix them for a fee - when the only problem is Systweak itself. I decided to call their 800 number to ask them a few questions about their business and specifics about these programs, and see if they could possibly answer - however I was unable to get through to a representative after about 5 minutes of being on hold, so I hung up.

Fraudulant Company, through and through. This has only managed to waste a good chunk of my time, but I feel sorry for all the people that know less about computers who have fallen victim to this deception and paid money for a problem that never existed to be fixed.

Outside the internet world, this is extortion as all paying that money would do is stop Systweak themselves from harming your PC - what's the punishment for that again? Hmm. Be very wary of this "company" and their software.

  • Jun 18, 2014

I kept getting warnings on my computer that it was imperitive I cleaned up my computer because there were hundreds of issues that needed my imediate attention. I finally gave in because I did not want my computer to crash as they claim.

On Sunday, May 11, 2014 I ordered the program for 39.95$. Their claim is that it takes about two hours to complete the processs. I receieved a reference number, 59151767

After a few hours, I received another e-mail claiming that the money was not debited from my account. That was a blantent lie. I soon found out from my bank that they did withdraw the money. Now, they withdrew my money and did not provide the service. I called their customer service department and demanded ny money. The gentleman I spoke to did try to help me with my computer; however, I still want my refund have yet to receive it. I sent a simple form as instructed on-line, and I do not have a response.

I want my money back and that is the bottom line.

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