The Lee Thompson Co

Country United States
State Denmark
City Houston
Address 2313 Langston
Phone 7137665360

The Lee Thompson Co Reviews

  • May 6, 2014

It does not make me happy to leave this review as I was very excited to *think* I had found a really great outfit for my HVAC maintenance/repair needs. We own a 4 unit rental property & had Lee Thompson Co out to complete a botched central AC/Heat installation job on 2 of the units about 3 years ago. The experience was great even though the price was steep ($1,000 for an estimate & one day's work).

Last month I had TLTCo do a HVAC inspection on a 2-zone single family residence we just purchased. Almost $200 JUST TO QUOTE hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. I believe this would be fair if the estimate were deducted from the price of the work if performed.

Ironically, the AC unit in our current home failed 2 weeks ago with a fried circuit board that cost $85. TLTCo charged $124 to QUOTE $485 for the part/repair. The total cost to fix an $85 circuit board was $609. The technician was here a total of 1.5 hours (initial visit to quote & the visit to fix). Throw in 1.5 hours for travel, subtract $85 for the part & that's still $175 PER HOUR. I'm sorry but that is ludicrous...

Average people don't pay over $600 for a repair of an $85 part, we shouldn't have to either. Unfortunately I was out of town during this last outage & my poor wife & 10 mo old baby are more important than anything less than ""just get it fixed baby"". Now I'm home & I'm pretty peeved, I feel ripped off. Once again, time to find someone else that charges REASONABLE prices. I would still them 2 stars out of 5 because of my first experience & to be gracious, their customer service people have been fantastic (maybe they pay them six figures...).

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