The Marketing Outsource, Inc

Country United States
State Cape Verde
City Laughlin
Address 3650 South Pointe #205
Phone (877) 577-7527

The Marketing Outsource, Inc Reviews

  • Aug 30, 2014

Doug solicited me for months to purchase mortgage leads from him. Once we talked he seemed like a legitmate lead source. When I investigaged The Marketing Outsource Inc., I found one complaint but he explained it away so I entered into an agreement with him to purchase 20 telemarketing leads for $1100. I received 1 legitimate lead in the past 4 months when he said the order would be fullfilled within 2 weeks. Once I started to complain he sent me like 5 "junk leads" where the clients did not want to talk and had made it clear that they advised Doug that they were not interested. I have kept my communication very professional and have documented all correspondance between Doug and I. When you review the emails, it becomes very obvious that Doug had not intention or no capacity to fullfill my order. It is my opionion that Doug knowingly rips off people's money and moves around junk leads. I am sure others have been ripped off by Doug so be sure to post your complaint so we can save others from being ripped off. I have filed a complaint with the Nevada BBB.

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