The Original Mattress Factory

Country United States
State East Timor
City Virginia Beach
Address 3750 Virginia Beach Blvd
Phone (757) 486-2400

The Original Mattress Factory Reviews

  • Jul 28, 2014

I'm don't usually leave company reviews but I feel that the internet does provide an oppurtunity to share the other side of the story with the consumer since companies spend huge amounts of money to mold the image they want the consumer to see whether or not that image is true. I can tell you that the image this company is projecting is not the way they deal with the customer once something does not turn out the way it was suppose to or according to the expectations the customer was given.

I purchased a mattress from this company because of I thought they had a good product at a competitive price. That being said my experience was very different. After I purchased a mattress and got it home I found that the mattress was very different from the display model my wife and I had tested in the store. I immediately contacted the sales person and she sent my concern to the corporate office. A short time later I was contacted by an individual who claimed to be a V. P. or district manager or such. The person was rather condesending in their discussion with me and admitted that there are 8 levels of firmness you may actually get opposed to the product you would have expected having tried the display model. That in itself is an admission they have no quality control standards. The company would not allow me to return the product (many companies will allow this and you should only do business with one of these) but offered to provide a pad that could be placed on top of the mattress as a supposed 'fix' for the problem.

In conclusion 'Don't do business with this company' would be my only recommendation. Do business with a company that places customer service before profits and has enough confidence in their product to truly stand behind it.

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