The Ottoman Group LLC

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 40 Wall Street The Trump Bldg, Suite #1704
Phone 561-827-2340

The Ottoman Group LLC Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2015

I am currently investigating Stephanie Hillman (Bonino) in the Ottoman Group under the suspicion of investment fraud and in dialogue with National Futures Association, CFTC, United States Attorney’s Office New York.

It appears that Stephanie Hillman is fronting an investment fraud where investors internationally are being solicited with the aim of conducting wire fraud, attorney law fraud, federal securities fraud and violating regulation D. A series of lenders have also been contacted by the group for unsecured loans with no ability to repay these. The Ottoman Group is listed with large losses in previous yearly management reports.

Accomplices from the Ottoman Group (who is also registered as The Firm, OGI, SA, Lynx) are as follows: Dustin Collins, John Schneider, Robert Goodwin, Carter Hammer, Jacques Allouf, Sonny Lee, Bruno Homero Parra Bravo, Jeffrey Miller, Winston Wei,

Iain Horburgh, Peter Swartz, James Valentino, John Grounds, Noel Brown, Marcus Braga Magarian, George Medina, Stephen Freilich, Ephraim Wainaina, Bernard Oyama, Kristofer L.

Harrison, Alexander Blum, Ann Thomas, Bradley Winter, , Ray Commisso and Isaak Ofori.

If your name is listed above, please be informed that the syndicate has been known to use professionals’ names in campaigns when marketing and selling their scam.

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