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  • Jul 5, 2014

Please read this if you are looking into working with Andy Ross as an insurance agent, looking into his Pajamaman school, or even a former student of his. This man is a CON ARTIST who will do everything and anything to make money off your hardwork. First, his school is priced at $5000 and provides no unique "system"or information as his website claims. He will come off as charismatic initially and will maybe teach you a few things about the industry, but it is nothing you cannot learn directly from the carriers or an FMO, and those options don't cost a dime. Once you become a student he will try to continue to drain $ from you.

He will offer you leads that he claims his brick and mortar agency uses. That is a complete lie, he has no brick and mortar agency. He uses that line all the time to legitimize his "virtual agency". He then will try to get you set up selling some health product where he will give you a very low commission where he will earn considerably more commission on your business with overrides. He claims over and over that he does not make $ on the student. Not true. He also has run many "Virtual Agencies" selling various products over the phone with his students or other agents that he has recruited to come work for him.

He uses these people to line his own pockets. Every day he will get on the phone and give a ra ra speach to the group, claiming how much $ you can make. The problem is he will not pay you. He may pay the student, but if you are an agent that has not gone through the school, you will submit business and chances are he will keep most if not all of your commissions. He will come up with some excuse about why you did not get paid but insist that you will at some point. His hope is that he can get a few weeks to a month out of an agent, collecting almost all of the commission for himself. He then tries to continuously recruit agents selling them the same snake oil and keeping their $.

There is a reason he has had success selling his school, and selling his Virtual Agency to agents. He can paint a great picture. He is a phenomenal sales person. This man is extremely charismatic and personable. At the end of the day, however, he is a greedy, manipulitive, Con Artist that uses everyone around him for his own gain.

Like I said at the start of this post. Stay away from this man at all costs. He is a parasite who will use you to line his own pockets. I was a former student who saw all of this from the inside. It wasn't until I left working with him that I began to have a successful career in the insurance industry.

To Whom It May Concern: This complaint recently came to my attention. The words chosen to character assassinate me are heartbreaking. I completely reject these words on every level. In our wonderful country, we have Freedom of Speech. In some cases, Freedom of Anonymous Speech. If the person who wrote this is sincere, I truly apologize for how they feel and would love an opportunity to “make it right”. I caution anyone who throws themselves out into the world to build businesses - beware that you, too, will be potentially exposed to individuals who are able to say or write anything they want about you. There is no way of knowing, when the post is anonymous, whether this individual is real or not. Is this person an agent? A competitor? Possibly a former student? A disgruntle employee? ...and the list goes on. I have had plenty of success in my career. I have shared the success with many. Along the way I have put myself into a position to also fail / because that is what building a business is all about – trial and tribulations. I applaud anyone who has the guts to get out in the real world and be an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur means being a risk taker. When you throw your heart and soul into the real world you are now a risk taker. As you can see, anyone can say anything they want about you. The point is, the more you put into your life’s work, or as you climb the rungs on the ladder, the risk becomes greater. I am grateful for so many wonderful relationships I have experienced. This type of experience I am commenting on now is the darkest of the experience and the journey. My heart breaks that anyone would chose the words chosen in this post and, for whatever reason, they chose to handle me this way, I truly apologize. There has to be a better way to handle a complaint than this. Clearly, these remarks were made almost a half a year ago. I hope whoever was motivated enough to write this is doing well, as they claim. I hope that their exposure to my teachings was somehow a small part of what got them going. I would love an opportunity to understand how this complaint occurred and why. I want you to remember there are two sides to every story. I urge this poster to contact me if they choose. Happy New Year and good luck to all! Sincerely, Andy Ross 949-481-3263 [email protected]

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