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  • Jun 26, 2014

DeNae was a host in the Facebook group "Newborn Cloth Diaper Co-Op" where she accepted pre-orders for baby items such as cloth diapers. Once the money was accepted, she would place the order with the supplier in China. When the supplier made the product, they would ship to her and she would ship to the members who ordered.

She hosted for several months without major incident, though she was a poor communicator. July 2013 she opened more orders. Several of these orders were for customs cloth diapers from Chinese companies like Happy Flute and THX. There were delays in closing the orders, and even after everyone was invoiced, delays in placing the order with the supplier. But she said the orders were placed, and they were expected to take several months, so everyone sat tight.

As the dates began to approach that the diapers should be finished, people began to ask for updates. She ignored most of the requests, and when she did check in she gave vague answers. Other groups who placed orders around the same time were starting to receive them, and the members began to press DeNae for answers. People began to speculate that perhaps the orders were never placed, so she posted some emails indicating they had been, though it appeared she had lied about the dates she placed the Happy Flute order by several weeks.

A few more weeks past and the red flags continued. All of her orders seemed to have strange delays. Finally the administrators of the group contacted her suppliers. The Happy Flute order had been placed, but she only paid the 10% deposit, and they had been trying to contact her for the full payment with no luck. The THX order had never been placed, she had forged the email from them. The order for Sophie the Giraffe was never placed, and though she claimed they were authentic, the supplier was clearly selling counterfeits. The order for My Little Legs was never placed. The Famicheer order ultimately did arrive and those members mostly received their products. The bamboo nursing pads order was never placed.

All of these orders that were never placed, DeNae just collected the money and spent it, over $13,000. Once her deception was revealed, everyone filed claims with PayPal, but MOST were outside of their 45 day window. Some people were able to get a refund from their credit card, but most people were either outside their bank's window as well, or paid via PayPal balance or bank transfer and had no recourse.

To date, DeNae has refunded a handful of people, maybe a few hundred dollars worth. She has given some people extra diapers that she had on hand to replace the ones she never ordered. The majority of people got no refund and no compensation and she will not reply to their emails or private messages. She purchased expensive diapers and designer clothing for her children using money she stole from her co-op members.

She is currently a Pampered Chef consultant. If you come across her selling stuff, DO NOT BUY. If she wants to buy something from you, she is using stolen money, and her victims would appreciate it if you did not sell to her.

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