The Posting Geleral

Country United States
State Aruba
City Irvine
Address P.O Box 5589
Phone (747) 444-2524

The Posting Geleral Reviews

  • Sep 6, 2014

This individual will make you all the PROMISES in the world! He will say what you want to hear. He will then collect money from you and NEVER deliver anything. He is an unhonest scambag who deserves to Rott in Jail. He has stolen from a few companies that I know> DO NOT PROVIDE this individual WEB ACCESS. He will simply move your domain, website, and emails to his Directnec acct under his name and will then extort you for money if you would like it released. This info you are seeing here is VERY REAL and you should be VERY CAREFUL. Idan illegally uses different names to get new work. once you find out who you are dealing with, you start seeing more and more info online about him... He has many lawsuits and judgements against him... do yourself a favor, SAVE your money, hire someone else who is a good person, not a junky lying b******.

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