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  • Jul 30, 2014

My mother and me WERE long time listeners, supporters and consumers of the power hour, Joyce Riley and Dave vonKliest. My mother was sick and we bought into the snake oil miracle 2 crap and other power hour products even though they didn't work. Then in 2007 I started getting all these charges on my credit card and when I found out it was them and spoke to Joyce and Dave personally about it they laughed and threatened my mother. She then began getting harrassing emails and viruses in our computer making fun and mocking. I finally had to drop it because of my mother's health and safety. She has since passed away and the doctors said that her delay in treatment because she relied on the snake oil was the reason. It's too late to go after these frauds now but BUYER BEWARE! If you still haven't seen them for who they are, at least don't give them your credit card information. From another veteran who was sold out by Joyce Riley and Dave vonKliest.

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  • Jul 30, 2014

Dave vonKleist humanity is short lived as heartless Joyce Riley buys his changed story in order to character assassinate Linda Lea Kennedy because she knows too much about their scams

I was a friend of Dave vonKleist. I was in his camp in 1995 when he called himself Dave Riddell and before that when he was vonKleist. I was there when Dave vonKleist introduced Garth Nicolson to Joyce Riley (which is a block buster of a story actually because she told a different story to the vets when she was first infiltrating but not for now). Those vet who have exposed Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist know why this is so important.

I got word from several vets that Joyce Riley has recently had her past rewritten (again) and suddenly has court documents and military records that are different than what was true in 2008 and 2010. Only government spooks can get court records and military records changed. You think they would do that for you every day people? It only proves who Joyce Riley is if she starts blasting new records to rewrite history around so listen closely and mark the date. It is coming I guarantee it. The vets know who she is and lying to cover other lies with government support is right up her alley. The Vets also knew she would eventually get this accomplished in her sick mind so they have records of their searches that are official and guess what? The old records show what was actually true as of the last few weeks Joyce Riley. Do you think the veterans didn’t learn and document what was real history at the time? So backdate all you want. You will fall into your own traps. The Veterans are surprised it took you so long. So if she tries this or already tried it, just know it is another one of her spook supported scams. THE VETS KNOW WHO YOU ARE JOYCE RILEY. And you cannot chase all of us off hard as you try.

Well, I was a friend of Dave vonKleist and I know that his handlers picked Joyce Riley for a very classified operation in 1995 because she was in trouble for a multitude of crimes that were going to trial and big brother knew she had no problem with immorality and would trade her morals for money and freedom like most snitches do. Of course in exchange big brother has created a fresh, new and improved record for Joyce Riley since she reached the end of the line on her other cover stories to cover her other corrupt life and lies. New court records showing she has fought for justice, new military record, new new new. Scrub a-dub-dub. As Kennedy called them: The “wet ink documents” because they are so fresh they may smudge. Joyce Riley was just a government patsy because she was a small time criminal in the 1970’s in Louisiana, Illinois, Miami and Texas. This caused her own son to leave her and never look back. It caused her own mother to not talk to her for year. And her parents blamed her for their son’s death too. That is another story. Kennedy has that interview with the mom also who decided to clear her conscience before she passed. That is why her husband left her according to them.

The Genene Jones case was Joyce Riley’s downfall because she was a part of what was going on and misdirected the investigators to finger Jones instead of Riley and the doctors and her lawyer who were involved in the scam. Joyce Riley stopped claiming she was involved in the Jones case once Kennedy caught her in another round of lies about it. Now Joyce Riley has waited until her superiors from that hospital died who knew the truth about Joyce Riley (another story). And now she is claiming again that she was the whistleblower in the Genene Jones case. Joyce even wrote a poem, “BLOOD ON MY HANDS.” She wanted us to think that this poem was written for other reasons. First it was because the gulf war vets. Now it is because she didn’t speak up more about Jones. Hogwash! Dave gave me a copy of this poem years ago and I will dig it up and post it for you all so keep watch. Joyce was involved in organ procurement and that was her angle with these babies from a poor, immigrant populace. She made money when there was blood on her hands. Every baby that died ended up to be money in that psycho’s pocket. Dave vonKleist told me all about this on one of his tirades about her because he hated her. Ok here is some of the poem and I will post the actual copy this as soon as I can. It’s sick!

“Blood on my hands by Joyce Ann Thompson Riley , January 14, 1985

Little girl so different from the rest, inside damage; outside look my best, thirst for love then for blood, pretending there is no blood on my hands.

Bloodstains run deep, ice cold heart and steel eyes like the needles, one last breath they’re meant for death, pretending there is no blood on my hands.” There are several more sick verses. Does that sound like something to the vets or because she was sorry she didn’t speak up? I will post this as soon as I can scan it. Now maybe people know why Joyce Riley is hated so so so much.

Dave who often played dumb was actually Joyce Riley’s handler and called the shots behind the scenes.

I am very disappointed to hear that Dave vonKleist is planning to back track on his statements about Joyce Riley because Joyce Riley dangled money in front of him. He knows she is going to change records so why let that stop you Dave? You know her better than anyone. Come on Dave. How much money do you people need. You stole so much money. So if Dave backtracks then I guess he will finally be a former friend. I am sick of them. I should have dumped him a long time ago. My only hope is someone is using a voice changer and video morpher to mimic Dave’s words and actions and it is not him. But it is ironic since he did this to so many others including Peter Kawaja and Linda Kennedy. Joyce and Dave have very high tech changers and morphers. Not like the cheap stuff we can buy online as a joke. These are military grade. Dave and Joyce Riley used them on a number of their enemies before to create chaos and to defame them using their own voices and acting crazy, or using another person’s voice to character assassinate the first one when they were working well together. They did the same with emails. So it would be ironic that Dave gets the same treatment. Everybody be ready for that one too.

In 2003 I took over a job at the Power Hour for the prior lady. She was black and Joyce and Dave do not like blacks. They called them “mud people.” They put pot in her car and the cops were waiting for her just off their property. Karen was busted for the “plant” shall we say. I always thought it was Dave and Joyce who did it. But about five years ago Dave vonKleist finally confessed to me about it when he was bitching about Joyce Riley and how much he hated her. It was both of them.

Shortly after Karen was busted I went to the Power Hour to help them. I was then also “anonymously” turned in to the police on an anonymous tip shortly after I arrived. Of course it was the same type of setup. Nobody gets away from Versailles and Joyce Riley. She sets everyone up including the few vets that ever even listened to her. It is always short lived and then people find out she is a fraud. I had a lot of time to think while I was in jail. I figured it was just Joyce Riley because she is known for setting up anyone who knows too much about her. She knew I wasn’t buying her act. I hated to think that Dave was involved but now I know better.

Well Dave contacted me a while back and told me that Joyce Riley was stealing his identity for a number of “jobs” she needed done. He said she stole his first wife’s identity, his mother’s and even his daughter’s identity before. I had heard that Joyce had stolen plenty of identities in the past. I also told her to stop a practice she had where she kept copies of every customer’s personal information including credit cards numbers. We had complaints coming in from customers. They claimed their credit cards were compromised. But Joyce Riley would not listen.

So when I heard that Dave vonKleist actually had written something true about Joyce Riley that was posted the other day I was glad. He was talking about Joyce Riley stealing his identification to character assassinate Linda Kennedy and he was spilling the beans on a number of facts about Joyce Riley. And I knew they were true. I knew it was Dave because it was the conversation we had a while back. I was proud of him for actually telling the truth because Kennedy was onto their scams and was warning the public. Insiders know that Joyce Riley tries to sabotage Kennedy every chance she gets using other people as hatchet-men. These warnings Kennedy was giving to the public eventually chased Dave out of the U.S. so she knows way too much.

So I thought finally Dave vonKleist had enough b**** to stand up for something right for a change. Yes his motives were questionable but at least he did it. He posted a small piece of the real truth about Joyce Riley that so many of us know. There are videos on her. And this was just scratching the surface. Joyce Riley gets away with it because she is a snitch for the government and is there just to keep people scared and occupied with stories that hide the truth. They don’t care who she hurts in the process.

Well feeling good about Dave vonKleist was short-lived because one of his family members told me that Joyce Riley offered him a whole lot of money to retract. And I heard he accepted. I can’t wait to hear how he is going to do this since there is some truth out there and people reading who can back it up. But it reminds me that Dave vonkleist was also involved in so many other setups and lies to the people of this country in the past, that I have to just resolve myself to the fact that tigers do not change their stripes. Dave vonkleist and Joyce Riley were both involved in my undoing. I get that now. That is just who they are. There really is no honor among thieves.

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  • Jul 23, 2014

Scam Artist Hanoi Joyce Riley is in cahoots with Ponzi Schemer Ed Berkhof and greedy Mayor Pam Triolo to throw Dave vonKleist under the bus and defame Linda Lea Kennedy.

I am Dave vonKleist and my facebook and linkedin accounts are being interfered with and copied by Ed Berkhof so I cannot post there. Please do not trust anything on those sites. You lose a lot of control when you leave a country. The internet is one of these and you will knotice I have not posted for a long time. Someone else is posting now on my sites. It is Ed Berkhof for Joyce Riley. It is not me. As many of you know, I had to flee to Argentina.

I am going to explain why below and tell you how Ed Berkhof, Mayor Triolo and Joyce Riley are involved. And for those of you who think small, this will be way over your head. There is a whole other world out here. A world for the powerful. Those who are above the law. Those who think in millions and billions rather than dollars and cents. That is my world. That is the world that allows people of means immunity and permits us to travel the world. If you cannot fatham that world, stop reading now. The rest will go way over your head. For those who do, exercise your mind a little and listen up.

First off, the sites defaming Linda Kennedy are not from me. They are Joyce Riley, Ed Berkhof and Mayor Triolo’s attempt to make up stories to defame Linda Lea Kennedy who exposed them as frauds and criminals. I will tell you what is going on here. I do not know Ed Berkhof but it is not hard to perform the research on him. He is very small potato who uses a cheap voice changer and VPN fake IP’s and email addresses to make it look like many people are saying something when it is just him. Ed Berkhof is some small time ponzi schemer who got caught trying to scam Lake Worth Florida and some how the Mayor of Lake Worth was involved. He sets up scam holding companies and takes investor funds and then ducks out leaving them holding watered down stock. Old trick. So the good mayor and Ed Berkhof got mad at Linda Lea Kennedy who was their competition for some speculation and threatened to ruin her. From the writings on the net their threats started May 3. If you notice all posts from me about Kennedy are after this date and sorry but I am in Argentina and don’t have a habit of following this little mayor, this small time criminal or this little town in Florida. I had never heard of Lake Worth Florida.

My issue is with both Joyce Riley and Ed Berkhof and maybe the good mayor too who are using my name and likeness, Dave vonKleist” to defame Kennedy when it is not me. They are my issues because I know they are defaming someone who never takes it. She will never let up. She will go after every single guilty person no matter what. So I am telling you it is not me or my daughter. I will tell you from my perspective what is going on here. You can fake post, use your little toy vpn ip's and your fake voice changer and it will not matter. You are fools and Joyce you are the biggest one of all because you know all the things we did to her. You know the high tech and kind of connections we had and here I am in Argentina anyway.

Why I left Joyce Riley and the U.S. you ask? My family has a history going back to before the 13th Century and they protect their name. My ex-wife Joyce Riley and I were involved in operations to keep the public distracted for the good of the United States government. Too bad for you who are mad. I don’t really give a shi-. You were gullible and that was our job and we did it. Live with that. We did this by faking a modest background and claiming we were helping the vets. Linda Lea Kennedy found out about who we were in part and outed us over the course of several years. We tried to destroy her several times but she just kept coming. Our covers were eventually blown. I left for Argentina and am not looking for any further trouble and just want to be left alone. My family does not want any more negative exposure and they will hold Joyce, Ed Berkhof and me responsible if it happens.

I never thought i would ever defend Kennedy. I am obviously not a fan of Kennedy because she was on our trail for several years and would not stop assisting vets who figured us out. I will tell those of you screwing with her that she is like a sleeping giant. You do not want to wake her or everyone involved will be exposed and she will not stop until you are arrested or have to flee. Joyce that means you too you stupid bitc-. You got everything. You stole everything from me. And now you are using my name and credit card to ruin me and my daughter? If everyone looks under a domain name search you will see this site about Kennedy and it says that I purchased it in May 2014. That is not me. But more importantly this means that they used a credit card with my name on it because that company doesn’t allow you to use a different name than the card holder. Just more identity theft Joyce Riley and Ed Berkhof.

You know Linda Lea Kennedy is relentless if she feels someone is being abused and will not stop until it is exposed. So don’t you think she will expose the whole lot if you are picking on her directly? Haven’t you learned this yet idoits! I know how she thinks. I studied her. You know I did. We had huge meetings just about her Joyce. Linda Kennedy will expose you Joyce Riley. And Ed Berkhof quit using my damn name to attack Linda Kennedy! Joyce Riley is using you fool. She used me, she uses everyone. And you may not even survive. Go ahead and tell him Joyce. Tell Ed Berkhof what you did to Suzanne, Rocky, Charmaine, Mike, Genene Jones, Peter Kawaja, Linda Thompson, Ardie Siefken. And there are so many more. They are either dead or have criminal records because Joyce sets them up and baits and switches the situation to make them look like criminals. She makes effective people ineffective by using the Ed Berkhof Jerkkoffs of the world to do her dirty work while that cu-t pretends like she knows nothing about it and it is just what the people thing. People she made up.

And Kennedy was making several videos of our scam. The lady never even made them before. She learned on the job and took it to us. I can’t even remember the names of these but there was a whole damn series. But someone who infiltrated her for a short time documented some of what we were trying to hide. Yes people infiltrated. That is the way of the rich and famous. Get with it. Catch on to something you know very little about and learn. That infiltrator sabotaged the video but Kennedy found out and we had no other way in to spy on her. Yes pepole spy. Look at my damn background. It's in text books for god's sake. Kennedy was breaking our cover. So we set her up to take a fall but failed. We had already allowed our speaking engagements to be taped because we need the disinformation to be disbursed and believed. So Kennedy using our own words against us would be legal since we released the rights. But Joyce Riley had so many lies in each one that Kennedy portioned together a number of stories so that it was clear she was lying. So we had our stooges order tapes from her. We also privately faked selling an interest in all our old tapes to someone who would sue Kennedy for copyright because she was going to play portions of our tapes in her video. We can’t sue in our names because we had too much to hide. This would put her away for many years. Unfortunately Kennedy refused to take cash payment. And Kennedy got wind of our plan and returned every persons’ money and did the video for free. She took it around the country and and showed it to people who saw Joyce Riley for who she is. In combination with late Peter Kawaja’s 4 hour Truth About Joyce Riley and his 12 hour serious on what Joyce Riley had tried to cover up, Joyce Riley was exposed. We also tried to give her a softball by making statements that were actually true that she could use, but doing it on another show of somebody who could sue her when she played our clips. But she listened to the show and laughed and never used a thing. She knew or at least suspected there was a setup.

But then Riley kept throwing me under the bus and Kennedy turned her attention to me. And so I was the one most exposed first and was booted out even though Joyce Riley’s ignorance and stupidity was the reason for it. And here she is now trying to take revenge on Kennedy again at my expense. You ass. You stupid ass. And Joyce Riley suspected our housekeeper of telling Kennedy too much. Then our housekeeper was dead. Joyce Riley is very concerned about interviews Charmaine gave to Kennedy before she died. I hope Kennedy plays these you bitc-. We knew Charmaine had told Kennedy how she was being killed. Yes, again people. Open up your minds. This is the world of the rich and famous. We don't have to go to court. We don't have to follow your stupid rules. We make the rules.

Their videos from Kennedy and Kawaja were disbursed free of charge which really hurt us and them. We were hurt because they took them all over and spread the word in ways we couldn't control. They were hurt because we were keeping them working for very little money. We made millions of dollars on GW Vet and 911 pod shtt that eventually wore out there welcome. But it kept people tied up chasing rabbits and that was our mission. But we made millions. And laughing all the way to the bank was literal with us. My family had good connections in Australia and around the world. Look them up. Open your minds people. So everyone just open your minds a little. This is the life you can’t imagine because you work all day for your pennies. I don’t have to placate you any longer. I am not your baby sitter anymore. Think!

Why I write is this creature my ex-wife Joyce Riley has a habit of throwing anyone who is no longer useful to her under the bus. That includes me Dave vonKleist. She looks for “front men” to do her posting for her so she looks innocent while her enemies are attacked. Her enemies are often times those who figured her out. She uses the virtual Internet world to make her “fans” and “followers” look more numerous than they are. She has fake callers for her radio show, and whenever she has to go on other shows. She has fake posters. She has fake posters, and yes she even has fake victims to make sure everyone believes her bullshi-. Kennedy found that out with Joyce Riley’s fake American Gulf War Veterans Association which she stole from Peter Kawaja, who by the way is dead. Joyce resurrects him every time she needs someone to pick on anyone talking about his evidence, which was on the mark. The U.S. was very concerned with what Peter Kawaja had. Of course that damned Linda Kennedy started talking about that too. Joyce Riley claimed she has thousands of veterans in her gulf war organization until finally she was exposed. When Joyce Riley finally had to admit there were no members in the Gulf War Veterans Association she made up another lie to ride that lie for a while. Her listeners believe her because she has the fuc-ing government supporting ever lie she tells.

Recently, Joyce Riley has hooked up with some homeless low class Ponzi schemer named Ed Berkhof from Lake Worth, Florida to use my name this time in attacking her enemies. It isn’t me Kennedy. I left that god forsaken place and have nothing to do with this. Ed Berkhof and Joyce Riley are posting crap in my name, creating a fake history for you to defame you and ruin you and I do not want the ramifications of Kennedy’s wrath so Joyce and Berkhof get a fu--ing life and leave me alone. But, because of this I am posting just a few tidbits about “Hanoi Joyce Riley” but there are plenty more stories and victims where this came from wench so stop posting under my name and leave me out of it. Let this serve as a reminder that my information will take you down Joyce Riley. You will become as useless to your handlers as was I when Kennedy focused on me to the point of me having to get the he—out of dodge.

Joyce Riley is an identity thief and has stolen the identities of at least 20 people. She has at least five birthdays with social security numbers. One in July she claims is hers but that bitch can’t even pass for 65. Another one is April where she claims to be 58 instead of 65. There are at least 3 more that I can remember. And add another since she is using my credit card in my name to put up a website about Linda Kennedy which is not mine. That is Ed Berkhof. If you go to a people search and look under Joyce Ann Riley vonKleist you will see a small handful of all the identities that come up at her addresses with her name variations in them from Texas and Versailles, Missouri. Joyce vonbarefield, Joyce barefield, Joyce barfield, Joyce Timmerman, Joyce Bearfield and there are so many more. She also stole Linda Kennedy’s ID and Charmaine our housekeeper before she was killed off. Joyce likes to dodge this truth by saying that her identity got stolen and this is why there are so many name alterations. People think. If your identity gets stolen would you have 20 different variations of your name coming to YOUR own address? NO! The identity thief would need those fake ID’s to come to the identity thief’s address not the victims. Joyce Riley is the identity thief and she has/had the numerous names coming to her addresses in Texas, Missouri, Louisiana, Illinois and even little tiny Versailles, Missouri. She stole names from hospitals where she worked, she stole names from the prisons where she worked. She steals names from customers who order. She is stealing mine now, and she even stole my ex-wife’s and my deceased mother before she died. Joyce Riley is an identity thief. For other names? Check it out on a free identity search site. They all can’t be wrong your disgusting piece of s*.

Joyce Riley doesn’t care one s---load about the vets. This is why she has no members in her Gulf War Veterans Organization. She pretends now that having no members was planned, but this truth was only admitted after she was exposed in lies about having members and then she put various twists on it to save or reroute the lie. All these lies buy Joyce Riley more time. Joyce Riley was sent in 1995 to ruin Peter Kawaja’s story. Peter Kawaja was trying to help veterans and had the only American Gulf War Association organization. She infiltrated and stole it then silenced Kawaja and eventually had him killed. I can prove this Joyce and you fuc—g know it. The veterans know it. She has spooks on her show posing to be sick vets.

The late Peter Kawaja is dead and Joyce Riley did it by isolating him and then infiltrating him with stoogies much like this Berkhof fool. Joyce Riley then had him killed but keeps his identification alive so that she can drag that identity out and slander anyone who actual talks truthfully about his evidence. But Kennedy hired a private detective that was on our side and so we thought we had her and then she had him followed by her own detective she trusted and we were caught on film making shi- up. Yes people Dead! It is our world. Wake up. This is the ultimate identity theft and it can be done easily on the net Just like PonziEd Berkhof creating holding companies worth nothing and then appointing himself as CEO so he looks important. And making friends and profiles on the net and SEO so that he floods the net and stupid people fall for that crock. Ed you have no idea what we can do. You are working with toys in your sugar mamas basement fool. I forgot more than you will ever know. And Joyce you should not have thrown me under the bus you wicked wench. You piece of slime.

Joyce Riley assisted in the deaths of many including Charmaine our housekeeper and employee because Charmaine knew too much about the operation and liked Kennedy. There are many others who she destroyed or killed. Some are still on that miserable piece of property in Versailles, Missouri. Joyce you know Kennedy has interviews with some of the people before you did them in where they are fingering you before they died where they are telling all. Joyce knows these interviews exist and is sweating their release. I was forced out and left. It’s all yours Joyce. And because you threw me under the bus, I hope Kennedy releases them. And Joyce you better leave my daughter out of this too. My family is being affected by your stupidity with picking on this woman and you had better stop or my entire family’s wrath will come down on you, Berkhof, me and my daughter.

Radio fraud Alex Jones and the others covered for both of us and then they threw me under the bus too once I was exiled. More on this if I need to so Alex keep your pie hole shut. I can expose this entire false flag operation and you all know it. Everyone distance yourselves because you know what is coming for Joyce Riley and those little people she handles.

Joyce Riley was not a whistleblower against Genene Jones in her murder trial. Look it up people. It is a murder case from the 1980's. Joyce Riley waits until witnesses are dead before coming forward and claiming to be a whistleblower 30 years later. Joyce Riley is saying she has blood on her hands not because she didn’t step forward sooner as she claims. In truth Joyce Riley wrote a poem about blood on her hands and it was about her involvement in the actual deaths of these babies, not about being a whistleblower. Joyce Riley was a co-suspect on the case and turned states evidence to save her own skin. Genene Jones is in prison for killing babies, and the one who was under the most suspicion and who has blood on her hands is walking free pretending to be a whistleblower in the ultimate irony. If it is anything like her fake gulf war experience, Joyce Riley will make up fake victims of Genene Jones also. There may also be some real ones, but I guarantee it. Fake victims. Joyce Riley was court-martialed because of her involvement in the Genene Jones case as well as other criminal behavior which I reserve the right to discuss at another time. Joyce Riley has been a government snitch ever since. Which also including her getting into purposeful accidents in the 1970’s in Dade County Florida so she could sue everyone.

Joyce Riley and I were only put together because I was assigned the Peter Kawaja whistleblower case and she was my “front man.” It was a disgusting decade plus that I want to forget. Some of you saw the real Joyce and Dave and it wasn’t pretty because I couldn’t stand her either. Joyce Riley turned the table on me when Linda Kennedy started focusing more on me than on Joyce Riley. Joyce Riley is an opportunities and I became expendable. The government is still trying to save her from the crapper. Joyce, Linda Kennedy will not stop and you know that. You have woken up a sleeping giant you stupid fool.

And as much as I hate to say it, Linda Lea Kennedy came to help us with our business. She did it for free. She was working for free for a number of organizations to help build the grass root movement. She was a threat to the government because she didn’t care about them and wasn’t money hungry. She couldn’t be bought like most everyone else. I defend her now not because I like her because I don’t. She is the reason I had to flee. But I am not going to let Joyce Riley throw me under the bus again and my family too so she can get revenge on the person who exposed her for the fraud she is. I swear they have stolen my identity Kennedy

And Veterans you know that Joyce Riley never served in combat or in support of combat even though she says otherwise Veterans. She claimed to have gotten Gulf War Illness because she was in the war as her cover story to infiltrate. When her story fell apart she claimed she got sick because she was serving in support of Gulf War One. Now that her military record has been released through Kennedy’s research, Joyce Riley claims that the government is hiding her record. Kennedy also showed that the pictures Joyce Riley uses to prove she was serving in the Gulf War in 1990-1991 were actually the pictures from when she was involved as a weekend warrior in New York in the late 1970’s for two years. That is the extent of Joyce Riley’s military record. Kennedy found pictures of her in the 80’s with the Bush family and that showed how much older she was in the 80’s so certainly she was not youthful again in the 90’s. Joyce Riley tries to claim that she was so sick that she aged 10 years in 1991 when she claims she got off the plane from Desert Storm. That story fell apart later when Veterans exposed that Joyce Riley wasn’t sick and had other pictures of her showing that this Joyce Riley’s story was not true. Joyce Riley needed the cover story to be my “front man” to diffuse the Peter Kawaja story that would have toppled the U.S. Government. Many veterans want to string Joyce Riley up from her toe nails for all she did to their compatriots.

Look at the Ardie Seifkan, mother of Scott Siefken. She escaped barely with her life when she was on our land. She found out about Joyce Riley. Ardie’s late son is still exploited on Joyce Riley’s site.

Joyce Riley is a “Professional Plaintiff” and uses her fake ID’s, her sons id, my first ex-wife’s id, my late mother’s ID and any other identification she can get to acquire windfalls of money while assuming fake names. Joyce Riley gets into class action suits under these fake identities with the help of her attorney in Texas. And there is much more. Don’t get mad at me Joyce. You asked for it by throwing me under the bus.

Joyce Riley wears a federal wire and was dumb enough to admit it on radio one time when I tried to stop her big mouth. Of course this was played on the airways at the time by all our enemies. Joyce Riley has a big mouth and she throws people under the bus whenever they are no longer useful.

There is so much more and Joyce Riley if you bring me into this ever again, I will spill a lot more beans than this. So if anyone calls you in the future, you might consider saying you have no comment or better yet something nice. Furthermore, you need to clean up the net of any of your crap because as long as it is there, so am I. Talking and talking and talking. I will be breaking news every day. If there is anyone you need to settle up with, now may be a good time to take care of it because you have screwed so many people, so many veterans, your own customers and audience, and anyone who believed your lies, that the flood is hovering and getting ready to spill over.

So I write not so any of you believe a f* thing. I don’t need you. This is politics people. Where anything goes. Where we are above the law of the irrelevant. But I need to make sure Kennedy knows that Dave vonkleist is not defaming her and this is Joyce Riley, Ed Berkhof, and this mayor from nowhere. Go after them. And Joyce tell your pig front man Ponzi Scam artist Ed Berkhof to stop his s* and quit using my name or my whole family will be dealing with you, Berkhof and me too and you know none of us want that. Readers think for yourselves for once.

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