The Retreat

Country United States
State Chile
City East Hampton
Address 13 Goodfriend Drive
Phone (631) 329-4398

The Retreat Reviews

  • Nov 26, 2014

The Retreat Domestic Violence Shelter of East Hampton at its confidential located building housing victims of domestic violence.

The Retreat staff personel frequently receives donated items of food, clothing and basic necessities destined to its impoverished residents victim of abuse and whom lost everything they used to own such as: house/apartment, car, clothings, children's toys etc... Residents are family and single women service based, and donation made by generous community members. This business also receives government based funding for transportation and miscellaneaous needs.

Residents have witnessed The Retreat personel pack-up incoming donated items including: expensive clothing, beauty products such as perfumes by the dozens and makeup by the bunch, and weekly organic food in bags and watched the Retreat personels take these bags to their personnal cars upon leaving the shelter's premises at the end of their shift. Residents at this domestic violence shelter when in need of above referred items are more often than not told: 'sorry we're out of it."

Moreover, though this business is meant to refer said victims of domestic violence to appropriate housing services in order to prevent and avoid homelessness, staff often let out single women particularly to become homeless and without basic necessities for survival upon their exit date and while they allow so meanwhile blame the system.

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