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City New York
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Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC. Reviews

  • Dec 12, 2014

Long Story I'll try to keep it short and to the point . We moved on Oct. 2nd 2014 . On or around Oct. 4th I was hospitalized until the 13th during which time my co-tenant called TWC to transfer service to our new address. I have Paid my TWC bill both by mail and online account.

On reveiwing my paper billing statements I had 2 or 3 with the same due dates Oct 30th and all were increased amounts. If I happened to miss a payment I always made it up the next month and have noted payments from each moth from Jan. from my bank statements in 2014.

A bill appeared eccesive so I called TWC. The Rep. stated when I moved the had to create a new account and there was was a transfer fee or it could be I owed a passed due bill but they can only bring up the last year.

I called again and spoke to a different rep. , She stated they would never charge a transfer fee and one charge was transfered from old addess to new address. I was given a $30.00 credit for " wrong billing date" ???

I then noticed there was a transfer fee on my statement and still beleived I was charged twice in the same month as my co-tent had to go in person to pay a certain amount before turning cable on and hooking it up ,as I was in the Hosp.

I the opened chat and complained and that rep. opened a ticket and escalated the complaint. Now two week past and I opened chat and the rep. stated TWC had contacted me ,DID they> I said no. She noted their reply.

I had also filled a complaint with Francising Authority: City of Rochester ,30 Church Street, Rochester NY 14614 RE: TWC - Bill. I have heard nothing.

I also recently checked my online bank informations statements and a payment was proccessing the a couple days later did not appear nor was debited. So I called the bank which ended up with a 3 way call iniciated by the nbank rep with the rep. TWC and myself. It went through three call transfers-holds,and all 3 stated as far as they were concernened the payment was made ( which reflect TWC online account.

The Bank rep. ask the last TWC rep. si he won't be debited . TWC rep. said no he will not. Low and behold I was bebited two days later.

So now the next step is to wait for the next mail statement ,get my ducks in a row and go to the Office on Mt. Hope and have them explain why I was charged a transfer fee when the rep. said they do not ,and why a charged showed up last month of transfer to new account when I paid a bill the same month .

Beware .. Either the employees haven't got a clue and are incompetant , or the lie and tranfer you to another Dept.(s).

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