Timeshare Hope, LLC

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Oakdale
Address 6247 Gopher Blvd. N.
Phone 1-800-961-1676
Website http://www.timesharehope.com/

Timeshare Hope, LLC Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2015

This company signed a contract with myself to assit with the sale of my mother-in-laws timeshare property. The agreement and signed contract stated that the one time fee of $1,495 would be refunded in full if the property did not sale in one year. I was in contact with the company every couple of months for an update on the progress. I was contacted twice with a potential buyer. However neither of these buyers was interested in proceeding with the purchase. The company was the only on to talk with either of these buyers. At the end of the year contract I attempted to call and email them on multiple occasions but never received a response. I contacted the BBB who opened a case with the company. The company contacted the BBB and told them that they were not the correct company. After I pointed out to the BBB that the contract showed that they were indeed the correct company, the BBB reopened the case. After the alotted time the company did not reply to the BBB any further. I was only asking for the refund of the fee's as noted in the contract. I would beware not to do business with this company.

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