Timeshare Hot List

Country United States
State Bangladesh
City Orlando, Florida
Address 7680 Universal Blvd. Suite 565
Phone 866-418-0607
Website 866-418-0607

Timeshare Hot List Reviews

  • Jul 22, 2014

This company kept calling us to list our timeshare for rent or sale. We finally did at a cost of $1792 which they promised to refund to us if the timehsare did not sellor rent within a year. When I called them after the year was up, they refused to refund my money and told me I had to call them every 3 months to keep the listing active. I ws not informed of this when we palced the listing. We never signed a contract with them and they tried to tell us that one ws e-signed and it was legal in the state of Florida. They could not provide me with proof of this and just emailed me an unsigned contract that they said they emailed to us and because they had emailed it to us, they said we had accepted it. They would not accept my calls and when I left messages they would not return them. Now when I call the numbers are out of service. I am very angry that this company can get away with things like this.

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