Tinker Toy Yorkies

Country United States
State Denmark
City Spring
Phone 2813504660
Website www.yorkshireterrier.com

Tinker Toy Yorkies Reviews

  • May 15, 2014

I bought eggs from this ebay user with the above URL, She doesnt sell ""fertile"" eggs at her website, but she sells them on ebay. She sold me some eggs that she represented as ""fertile"" which means they have been fertilized inside the hen by a rooster, this woman is selling eggs claiming they are fertile and can be hatched.

After receiving the eggs in good condition, after way overpaying for shipping, I set the eggs in a GQF professiuonal incubator for 21 days, after 21 days only 3 eggs out of about 18 hatched, after letting the eggs sit in the hatrcher for another 3 days, no more eggs hatched, then I cracked open each egg (that failed to hatch) individually to figure out why they didnt hatch. I found inside over 25% of the eggs nothing but egg yolks, which mreans the eggs not only are not fertile but that they have never been fertile. When I contacted the seller and asked if their roosters were shooting blanks they became immediately offended.

I gave the seller every opportunity to resolve this matter and make good on my order for fertile eggs, but they didnt. I then submitted negative feedback to ebay (ebay scammer @ .ebay.com/usr/tinkertoyyorkies ) the seller contacted my crying aboutt he negative feedback even though they failed to deliver as agreed the items they represented as ""fertile"" #hatchingeggfraud @ its best!

then after 30 days has elasped the paypal dispute window closes, it was after that time that the seller then psts this to my feedback @ ebay saying: as retribution for my accurate negative feedback against this seller with this: Avoid This Buyer, Newbie, Blocked, Unfair Feedback, Doesn'tKnowWhatHe'sDoing! I have been on ebay since 2002 (not a newbie) I also have 100% feedback on ebay for 12 years now. feedback is fair when it is accurate, and not disputed by the seller with anything but excuses as to why they were unable to deliver what they represented for sale as agreed.

This seller sells on the internet with various ficticious names: and possibly even an accurate one, their domain has ficticious email as the registrant on their domain, and hides their address like someone would who was going around defrauding people. THis seller is not only a scammer, but when you call them on their little fraudulent scam and try to hold them accountable they hide and file inaccurate feedback as retribution

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