Toyota of North Charlotte

Country United States
State China
City Huntersville
Address 13429 Statesville Rd
Phone 704-875-9199

Toyota of North Charlotte Reviews

  • Dec 8, 2014

Let me start with, I own a company in Huntersville and will always try to buy at the local businesses. I had been warned about this dealership and would have listened but my wife had a busy month and we only had an hour to look at cars. We meet Matt the greeter at the dealership and he was great, he helped us and answered the questions that we asked. I had told Matt when I was there that I had been warned about giving my number to this dealership would lead to trouble. He was instructed to e-mail me for questions, since I am very busy during the day to talk on the phone. Less than 24 hours passed and the calls started, I asked the young lady on the other end to respect my privacy and not call me again. I was told I would not be bothered again, Matt did e-mail me the next day to ask if I had any questions, I told him that the dealership had called and that I told them not to call again, he apologized and said he would make sure it would not happen again. I told him that my wife would be back later in the week and we would be in to purchase a new Highlander limited platinum. The dealership started nothing less then a stalking of myself with 23 calls to my cell phone, almost every day they would call, sometimes 3 times a day, it was insane, I set them as a blocked call and it would sent them to my vm, then my voicemail filled up with messages from them, I called them and the woman asked for my phone number, at this point I was more scared to give it to her then to travel to west Africa during the Ebola scare. She said I am very sorry Mr. John Hickman we will remove you from our system, Mr Hickman who the hell is that? My name is Mike Mc! oh ok we will remove you from our list, ( heard that one before) Not trusting a word they say I felt it was time to talk to the general manager, but he was a bit to busy to talk to me. Not so fast there young lady, are you aware of the fines both with the state of North Carolina and the Federal Government for calling someone who has asked you to stop? They must have since Mr. Kramer was on the phone in just a few minutes. I did buy a Highlander, but not here, they have a broken process and can't see that, I have to get another car later this month and again it won't be here. Do yourself a favor, if you visit this dealership DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER, GIVE THEM THE NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER TO THE HUNTERSVILLE POLICE DEPT.

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