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Country United States
State Aruba
City Sacramento
Address 915 L Street, Suite C-325
Phone 9165728084

Tracy Bernardo Sacramento Web Design Group Reviews

  • Feb 8, 2015

Nothing but Libel and Slander

It's very clear that Tracy Bernardo is a victim of slander and that the pathological liars in this case are the one's breaking the law by slandering him as they sit back anonymously and (quite cowardly) and call him petty names and abuse their free speech rights on forums where the website owners run nothing but a hate site for anyone who wants to print unsubstantiated lies about anyone without every putting their name to anything. If you had factual statements, you should have the guts and fortitude to back them up with your real name.

  • May 11, 2015

How is he a victim of slander when there's proof everywhere?

How is he a victim of slander when you can see his court records? His victims horror stories? His old companies all have complaints? His rebuttals to all his victims are the same? How about is new reports that are coming out from locals living in Sacramento? How about his article writer who got exposed for writing a fake article to boost Mr. Bernardo's bad reputation, took down the fake article after everyone realized it was fake and he got exposed?

How about the LA actress who sue'd Mr. Bernardo? It's in the court records, no one in the World would spend so much time if this man didn't do anything wrong, it's all there in black and white, his victims testimonials, court records, screenshots of him slandering innocent people, it's all there! How about Hitslink? A professional company? They exposed Tracy as well, this man is sick! I'm sure the person who wrote this is Tracy Bernardo as well. Look at these new reports! They're from people in his city exposing his scams, so people online and people from his city is trying to slander him? What are the odds? There is no odds, Tracy Bernardo is a conman to the fullest.

Look at the evidence, look at the article about him that was praising him get taken down because the man he hired to write that article also got exposed, these are the type of people you're dealing with, no morals, no nothing, only to screw people over for their own financial benefit. All Mr. Bernardo is, is all talk, he cannot prove anything while he's been exposed by victims online, teachers, doctors, contractors, an actress, professional companies, it's all there, go read it, matter of fact go to your local authorities and do a background check on Tracy J Bernardo and you'll find the same thing we found. This man makes a living screwing people over.

Just take a look at this court screen shot, he even scammed an LA actress.

  • May 6, 2014

Heed my warning for anyone researching this man before doing business, just read everything you can about him on this website, these are 100% factual statements left by his many victims. He preys on innocent people, he’s a leech, and he’ll try to suck as much as he can out of you then throw you away.

If you try to get your money back, expose him or try to sue him, that’s when he becomes RELENTLESS, he’s not afraid of the law because he’s a well-known pathological liar, he’ll bluntly tell the court that you’re lying, you’re a drug addict, you’re crazy…ect He'll go through any means to ruin your life.

Some members had done a background check on Mr. Bernardo and has found that he has prior arrest records and DUI’s while his brother is a career criminal, I guess the fruit don’t fall too far from the tree? Now Tracy Bernardo has gotten desperate to the point he’s throwing out molestation allegations against a women teacher, this is how he treats his clients, why would anyone in the World want to do business with someone like this monster!

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