Tracy Grodsky-Dunn, Mary Kay Independent Business Owner

Country United States
State Australia
City Lafayette
Address 2202 Tamarron Ln
Phone 303-666-4685

Tracy Grodsky-Dunn, Mary Kay Independent Business Owner Reviews

  • Jan 24, 2015

Tracy Grodsky is Honest, Thoughtful, Compassionate

What is this person talking about? What totally false information is this? Tracy is not a man; she's a woman. She's not a thief or a liar or a cheat. She's an incredibly generous, thoughtful and compassionate woman. Never believe what someone says is a scam until you check it out. If you want to get to know Tracy, call her at 303-666-4685. She's honest and gracious and will do all she can to make a difference in your life.

  • Dec 17, 2014

I've been wanting to report this man named Tracy Grodsky-Dunn for a while now. She is deceiving everyone with fake smiles and lies when she is really part of a plot to steal thousands of dollars from unsuspecting people.

She is married to a man named David Dunn and she is working with her ex-husband Allen Ray Grodsky of to cheat people of their money. Do not be fooled.

Their entire family is the same, especially the one Sarah Megan Flauta aka Sarah Megan Grodsky. She is the one using kids in her plans of fraud. Its very disgusting. They have stolen well over $20,000 in cash.

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