Training Camp

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Trevose
Address 6 Interplex Drive , Pennsylvania
Phone 800-698-5501

Training Camp Reviews

  • Apr 15, 2015

I signed up for thir Microsoft Server 2012 MCSA 9 Day boot camp back in November 2014, It was scheudled to start in Febrauary 2015. I got an e-mail saying the class ahd not been fulfilled, and that i could either reschedule or get a full refund.

I chose the full refund. Krystina Miller was in charge of my refund, and she did respond. She originally told me that the refund process takes 6-8 weeks to complete. So I waited. The 6th week I asked for an update, and she curtly said my refund was sent out on march 26th, 2015. I waited another week, no check in the mail. I then e-mailed her again, no response. I emailed again, this time I cc'd her manager Joe, and he responded, apologized and said the refund check was not mailed out and he would mail it out tomorrow. It is now going on another week since I jave emailed with Joe, and he is no longer rsponding to my e-mails.

I paid $5,895.00 to a company to help with my future, and since they could not get the enrollment they needed they offered me a refund which i took, and now I feel like I am being pushed aside and forgotten, hoping I will go away. Today is April 14th, 2015 and I just emailed Joe and his manager. I will see what happens, but I doubt anything will change.

My only other course is to higher an attorney and pursue them for my refund and anytime I lose for missing work to deal with the legal issues.

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