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  • Jun 29, 2015

King Cinque Toure (aka KC Toure, J Jeff), offered a number of proposals to fully fund a multi-million commercial real estate transaction about $50 million, provided we make a $600,000 down payment and meet undefined due diligence criteria. He could not explain, after being asked multiple times for both written and verifiable references, how the deposit would become almost a 10x multiple large enough to execute the overall transaction.

He states that he comes in the name of the Lord trying to purchase business that can be converted to Christian led operations to assist those in need of jobs and opportunities. Yet unlike Jesus, he is not willing to give one shred of evidence as to who he is, references to previous successful transactions, or his funding sources; which are secret because they do not want to be exposed. Additionally, he was sourced through a legitimate nation wide business broker (whom obviously didn't do a good job vetting him), yet in the end he claimed that he did not work with business broker, but did not deny finding our deal through a business broker. Thus, his integrity has to be questioned on that point alone.

Overall, he will continually obfuscate and hide behind a reasoning that the God he advocates for is somehow more knowing or powerful than anyone else’s. Essentially, he touts his funding sources have made him some sort of investor in the name of God, and that you as a potential partner, should be grateful for his selection of your project.

Once he supplied at least two different contracts, my lawyer reviewed them and advised to stay as far away as possible. Not only is the legal ease completely garbled and have no meaning. There is no way to track sources and uses to equate the two, ownership percentages, and the figures provided do not add up to the figures we provided necessary to complete the transaction. The second contract misses the mark by millions of dollars with no plausible explanation why.

Essentially, we would pay him a "deposit", and then once his funding sources approved the project, they would pay us our principal back (except for a 6 figure non refundable deposit in 1 case), 25% interest on our principal, and an additional "finder's or project fee". Toure would 100% own the real estate asset, and all subsequent cash flows. Additionally, Toure was unwilling to "meet" with the seller, or provided direct contact to from his investors to the seller so that the seller would know we had a legitimate source. Our company was to be "the face" of the transaction, and we were to communicate all interaction with Toure to the seller.

The two investment backers Toure provided where non-verifiable as well. One, Trammell Industries, is an alleged import - exporter in Ohio Searching on the internet for the company, Peter Trammell or Patricia Adams leaves gains scant details. Their phone number is never answered.

The second, Capstone Global Outreach, Inc (CGOI), led by a Dr. Yochanan David Williams, has a number of write ups on the internet about the fraud and deceit his company has done; across the world ( The contract has so many discrepancies, including mention of using banks from both Australia and Cyprus. So much so, when we asked Toure about it, he readily produced a 2 page document of rebuttals that Dr. Williams has made. None of which makes any sense. In addition, Toure claims in an email that Dr. Williams was not to be a part of the contract, yet his name and company are all over the proposed document as an executor of the funding.

The interaction with Toure was regrettable, and an unnecessary amount of our resources. However, two good things came out of it: 1) We did not invest the money with him, which would have meant surely losing it, and we learned a lot about the lowest form of prey using God's name to promote scams, 2) It provided us a chance to "give back" by providing warning to others whom might think about falling into the same trap.

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