Trans-United Inc

Country United States
State Bermuda
City Burns Harbor
Address 1123 Max Mochal Highway
Phone 219-762-3111

Trans-United Inc Reviews

  • Jan 19, 2015

In August 2014 we hired Trans United to move our personal belongings from Champaign, IL to Los Angeles, CA for Sept. 16th, 2014. We completed a contract with them, and gave them a $565 security deposit in August. On the day the driver was expected to arrive for pickup, the driver was late by several hours and we called them to ask for an estimated arrival time. The dispatch people said the driver was having some truck problems, and was just running late by a few hours. We waited for 4h. Later in the day we had not heard from them, and we called and then were told that the truck would arrive the following day. We waited in the morning of the next day (17th), but Trans United was still unable to give us an estimate of the truck's arrival. We had commitments in Los Angeles, the location where we were moving to, so we put our good friend in charge of managing our storage unit and connecting the driver with our belongings. While we were on the road, on the following day we called and Trans United told us it would be another day, that the truck had broken down and needed some new parts, that these things happen from time to time. But they assured us that it would be the next day. So we waited. And on the next day, they told us that they could no longer guarantee an arrival time at all. Their contract stated that they guaranteed that the truck would be there on the 16th or 17th, but 2 days after that, they had no arrival date to provide us. We told them that they had then breached our contract, and we wanted a full refund as we would now be required to obtain new movers at last minute at a higher cost. They said they would give us a full refund of our security deposit. Our friends had to go to U-Haul and rent a U-Box and a pickup truck, and load all of our things into the U-Box with no notice. Our things did not fit in the U-box and we had to leave important things behind.

After we had arrived in Los Angeles on September 21st, we called Trans United to inquire when our check would be sent. We were informed that their accounting department only sends out refund checks once a month, and that we would need to wait for several more weeks. We contacted them again after waiting several weeks, they said there must have been a mistake, and that they would send out our check the following month. In late December, we contacted them again, by letter explaining that we would post this if we did not receive a refund. We have never received our refund check of $565, and we doubt we ever will. The company is unreachable by phone, email, and physical letters. When we first contacted them because the truck was late, they were very abusive verbally and they even hung up on my wife when she was only asking simple questions. Their customer service is rude and unwelcoming. We believe that Trans United is a criminal enterprise and should be investigated by authorities. We lost several thousand dollars engaging in business with them, a lot of stress and uncertainty while on the road, and our friends spent a full day arranging things and sweating loading our stuff into a U-Box container and renting a truck to do so. Trans United Inc. - SUCK IT.

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