TransAm Trucking, Inc.

Country United States
State Kansas
City Olathe
Address 15910 S. Highway 169
Phone 1-800-872-6726

TransAm Trucking, Inc. Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2015

I've been away from TRANSAM TRUCKING for less than a week now. It feels great to know I can once be in control of my money again.

Oneday during class at ROADMASTER DRIVING SCHOOL I noticed I had a pre-hire from a few companies and one was TRANSAM TRUCKING. I was informed by fellow students not to sign any lease due to myself not having enough trucking experience. Well, I d**n sure should of listened. TRANSAM welcomes you in a caring manner and sit you up in a upgraded Holiday Inn Hotel and pretends to spoil you until 1 month and a half of being out of orientation until you're in your truck weather your're lease or company.

I've read lot's of these other comments about how some of these guys didn't make anything more than $300 a week. Well I've made only 3 $1,000 checks as a Lease Purchase Operator within my entire year signing 2 seperate 6 months leases with TRANSAM TRUCKING. My coach showed me how to make money and had his math down to a science. On a weekly basis he made $1000 or $1100. My coach worked for TRANSAM TRUCKING for 2yrs and after leaving they failed to pay him his $3,000. I know he wasn't lieing because he was strictly TRANSAM. My coach wouldn't let anyone talk S**t about this company at all.

TRANSAM TRUCKING will fail you as a entry level driver with all kinds of lies like, it's the planners fault, the shipper said your load would be ready at such and such time, or even lie and say your truck is due for a recall. Just remember the sign that hangs in everyone of TRANSAMS buildings which says TIME=MILES is complete BS and you will suffer due to your truck payment having to be paid on a weekly basis and TRANSAM will not deduct anything from that so you can feed your family. TRANSAM TRUCKING also doesn't pay drivers (LEASE DRIVERS) any layover pay nore detention pay, even if you sit for more than 28hrs after sending in a form 001 Load Comittment.

This company doesn't communicate with eachother at all. It will take you to speak with 3-4 people before you resolve any issues while they go home to their families and your in a truck. They can say this is what profession you chose all they want, but we still deserve for dispatchers to resolve out issues while on the road.

A short while ago I noticed everytime I was on the Olathe yard, someone from inside the shop would come tapping on my door saying Sr. your truck is due for a recall. Well I asked him why they stop sending messages through the TREQ UNIT like they send each and every othe maintenance issue? In reply the guy says it's just something they don't do anymore. Oneday I was parked at a Wal-mart for my home time waiting on my fiance and daughter to pick me up and a guy walks up to me and says what office did you have orientation at? I said Olathe. He said did you know I used to work here 4 yrs ago and rumor is TRANSAM TRUCKING owns (KENWORTH) right down the street? I said no I didn't know this. Well I later put two and two together a few months after. I then started calling different (KENWORTHS) and asking the parts department about recalls on T700/T680 and they told me all recalls have been created for those year make and models. The only (KENWORTH) that say's there's a recall is the ones TRANSAM TRUCKING has a contract with.

MONEY MONEY MONEY is what TRANSAM TRUCKING wants out of you. Leasing a truck through TRANSAM will cause you to loose your family, home, and vehicles. With the money you'll make at TRANSAM you're better off working as a trash man, beverage company within your city or saving your own money for your own truck. Who wants to drive around the country pulling a load for $300 - maybe $800 a week? You won't know what's to come each week while paying for a brand new truck with no experience.

People constantly tried to tell me from the time I recieved a CDL, but I refuse to listen. Don't think one that just because TRANSAM gives you a chance that it's ok to let them F*** you over. Also, don't let TRANSAM tell you that (LEASE PURCHASE OPERATORS) get all the miles. THAT'S COMPLETE BULL S***. There have been plenty of times where I've had a fresh 10hrs or a fresh 70hrs and they still couldn't keep me rolling.

*TRAILERS* are very very ragedy and will keep you from earning money if you have to sit on the phone for an hour waiting on road assist to answer the phone and get you to a THERMO KING if they're even open when you arrive. (REMEMBER) There is NO LONGER *LAYOVER PAY* *DENTENTION PAY*. How and the HELL don't you pay a driver for sitting around long hours like all our bills are supposed to stop coming in at home because of TRANSAMS ragedy AZZ Equipment????

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