U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Country United States
State District Of Columbia
City Washington
Address 810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Phone 1-800-273-8255
Website www.columbiasc.va.gov/

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Reviews

  • Jul 13, 2015

In 1983 I was recruited by the United States Army due to it offer of benefits. Walking away from college and a very successful buisness to serve my country was a honor. A honor every man in my family had done for several generations. Over the next several years I was very sucessful with my military career. Upon my return from a combat zone I started suffering from undiagnosed illnesses and was discharged on a medical. For 25 plus years I have seeked help through the Veterans Affairs, the ones the Army turned thier responsibility over to my medical care. Last year I almost died due to this poor care. My last appointment with my primary care giver resulted in all my medical records were missing and he could not treat me. I was told I would be seen in a year and I could bring proof then. I have had to turn to medicaid as I can not work nor afford medical insurance. Medical insurance that should be covered by my military service. I have been denied care and abused by VA doctors for several years and have even reported the to the Inspector Generals office, the Surgeon Generals office, and the state medical boards. These folks all work with the VA and say they will help. But in the end they do nothing. I was shocked to find out the Local Inspector General is actually a employee of the VA. I would tell any Vet reading this to do two things. One is to seek medical help outside the VA system. Two do not let anyone continue to join the military. You have been let down by the folks who you served.

  • Jan 10, 2015

I am an honorably discharged veteran and caregiver for my 80 year old mother who suffers from congestive heart failure and late stage emphysema with only 22% of her lung function remaining. Recently, portions of the roof in our dilapidated mobile home collapsed. Also, electrical power functions in only two rooms, water is available at only one sink in the home and none of the toilets flush because of the poor plumbing. I fill a large basin with water to flush the toilet. And I heat water for bathing, etc. We are being evicted due to the poor condition of our home. Homeless shelters would not accept my mother because of her health condition. And, while temporarily residing at a nursing home during my absence a few months ago, she was hospitalized twice, due to poor quality of care and refuses further nursing home care. I sought assistance from the VA Homeless Veterans HUD-VASH program, which provides Section 8 housing assistance to homeless veterans and their families, and veterans and families AT RISK for homelessness. After several referrals from the National Homeless Veterans Hotline, a Marcia Bellinger Shields with the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center advised me that I don't qualify for the HUD-VASH program because I am only AT RISK for homelessness and not "chronically" homeless. (Apparently, having a dependant with frail health and facing impending homelessness at the peak of winter doesn't qualify for homeless veterans' assistance.) Shields referred me to her supervisor, then she terminated the call abruptly. Previously, when I inquired about the HUD-VASH program, Shields referred me to local non-profits before abruptly terminating the call. Marcia Bellinger Shields and others need to realize that everyone, veterans and non-veterans, have a breaking point. You may not realize the harm your depravity can cause others. Beware that what goes around COMES AROUND!

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