Universal Acceptance Corporation

Country United States
State Montana
City Edina
Address P.O. Box 398104
Phone 952-345-4500
Website www.uac.com

Universal Acceptance Corporation Reviews

  • Jul 14, 2015

So I bought my first car from carhop and got into a car accident after 3 month and the auto warranty wouldn't help fix my car. Then I lost my job 2 months ago and no way to afford payments on the car and called carhop and asked to have them take it back and they said they would and then a month later they have yet to take it and keep telling me I need to pay. I had no job and they want me to pay for a car that didn't even cost $1,500 and they wanted me to pay $10,000? Well they took the car and now the insurance company UAC filed a report to the credit bureaus and screwed my credit up. Now they are giving me 10 days to pay off the remaining balance of $7,500 or I'm taken to court. UAC blocked my account on their site so I can't even pay to them. Car hop and UAC are scammers and horrible.

  • Apr 24, 2014

I purchased a car from UAC in 2012. I have had several issues with this company. I have been in the hospital twice with year and will continue medical treatment well into 2014, and I had to make payment arrangements with them they they are not honoring.

First issue, they constantly call me at work during working hours. It is again company policy to take personal calls at work, and I have asked them to call me after I get off and I do take their calls when I am not working, but they continue to call several times a day if I am late or even when I'm not late.

Secondly, they call and harassment my friends and family. This has happened several times over the past year.

Third, they disclosed personal information about my signed agreement with them to a family member and pressured him to make a payment which he finally did to get them off the phone with him.

When I call in to talk with them, I never get the same answer twice. Communication is inconsistent. They cannot even give me an accurate account balance or interst rate. One week, the interest rate is 20% and the next week, the interest rate is 50%. There is no consistency.

Then there is their ""warranty"" which is really nothing. For me to get any warranty work, I have to pay $200-$300 out of my pocket just to get the car looked to determine if there is any warranty work that can be done. The transmission is out, the starter is out, and the motor was burning 2 quarters of oil every other day before the transmission went out. It is now sitting in the driveway and unable to be driven. I still own another year on the card and will have to contine to make payments eventhough I can't drive the car.

What really sucks is that the blue book value on the car is $985. I have already paid nearly $6000, and I still owe another $3300 principle plus 30%-50% interest; it varies and I never know from one month to the next how much it will be. Very little I pay goes towards the principle. I cannot find the contract I signed since I was moving at the time I purchased the car. If I can find their physical location, I can file suit against them because they have violated several Federal Trade Laws, but I can't suit until I can have them served.

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