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  • May 18, 2015

I answered a craigslist ad by upstage center and received a reply with questions on what time was good to have a interview and orientation. Choices were 11 am or 2 pm on Thursday may 14 2015. I replied with 2pm would be more appropriate. Reason being I was looking for full time employment and didn't know really what upstage center was about. So in the meantime I asked if my son whom is unemployed at the sametime if he could come along for possible employment and that was agreed upon at the sametime as well. I scrounged around and gathered enough gas money to go to my orientation slash interview which was told to be a hour orientation and a fifteen minute interview. Dressed up in a pretty dress and heels thinking I would look appropriate for my orientation slash interview , leaving early because I traveled from Taylor Texas 50 minutes away from sunset valley to the holiday Inn express to attend my appointment. Running into traffic was only the top of it all.

After getting to the location an hour early. I discovered I was over dressed. Then filled out not an application but a contract agreement along with a1099 tax form which was completely misleading to me. Then sat a watched a laptop version of a gross and gorey slide on what they concluded to be safety. I have been in road construction and never seen the likes of anything I viewed during the so called safety slide show with unexcussable examples on what can happen if a 25 feet in the air heavy chain can do if your not wearing a hard hat can do to your skull well in all actuality if a heavy chain falls or breaks loose from a 25 ft drop will kill anyone if in a hard hat or not. What will happen if your leg brushes up against a slide lock attached to a box that equips electrical cords that should have the appropriate people to operate not just common people that do not have a clue as to what they are doing like myself. You should expect to go and spend a numerous amount of gas to travel to all locations and pay parking fees,at every job or contract you agree upon to do.

The final part of the orientation was the question cam anyone help with the Jimmy Buffet concert that was scheduled today from 8 30 am til done taking things down after the event. Five of us agreed because that was all that were in the meeting. No private interviews as to see what you were qualified to do such as operate a forklift be able to work with electricity or are qualified to risk your life scaffolding up 25 feet in the air unsafe ly without the proper straps to do so with. I was excited thinking I would get 17 hours automatically and would know what my boundaries were as far as unloading trucks and operating the forklift properly. My son and I were excited because we were both told to text the woman in charge that we would be able to be at the Jimmy Buffet concert which was held in Travis county on sat may 16 at 8 30 am.

So on Friday may 15 I got busy making sure I had all black so I could be properly dressed and ready to work as instructed to what I was supposed to wear . Bought steel toed black boots . Gathered enough money for gas and a parking fee and ran around practically all day just to find out that my son and I got cut from the whole contract buy was asked to see of we could show up at a whole new location at 10 pm after a concert that was already through to help take down what someone else put up in the dark I agreed at 1st then decided this was not going to be all that it was,cracked up to be. All the money I spent to make sure I was going to be dressed as they stated and my hopes that got let down and the dissapointment I had was enough. It was supposed to be 25 dollars,an hour and find out it was only 10 was supposed to be guaranteed 4 hours min if it was,only 2 that was worked plus you have to have automatic deposit for your weekly pay what a screwed up company greedy and full of lies,promise full time employment only to find out it is a scam and a waste of time .I turned away a job that could had done better for my means of being flat broke. I do not have anything nice to say about upstage other than the fact that they lift up your spirit on a good job which comes to the conclusion that they are filling your head full of dreams that are unreal for the needy needing employment.

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