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  • Apr 7, 2017

Highly Unethical and Deceptive Business Practices

I have been cold called twice now by these folks both times purporting to have a package they sent to us returned asking if we have recently moved, which at the time we had just relocated our offices. The scam begins with the "secretary' asking the question and if they get anything besides an absolute negative response they will transfer you to the hard sell sales person. They record all of these calls so that later they can show where somewhere during the call you agreed to something, never what you thought it was.

In our case they were trying to send us NFL jerseys as a promotional introduction to get their name out in our market area which is already served well with low cost vendors. During the conversation in which she was continually distracting me with the jerseys and dinner when she was in the area next time, I had told her that we were not needing any safety glasses at this time as I was well stocked and business was slow right then. As I was concluding the conversation, which was very pleasant and interesting, she said "Okay well I will ship you 48 pair of dark and 48 pair of clear and two boxes of ear plugs" at which point I said NO emphatically, we did not need them but being curious as to whether I might want to contact them for future orders, I asked the price. It turned out to be 400% of what I pay now so I laughed and told her she was going to have a tough time competing here. Needless to say, we never received the jerseys as promised but they could have thrown several in and still made quite the killing on one order.

It is very easy to see how some lower level employee could get distracted and agree to something that they are not authorized to buy and USSP has it on record that they were authorized to ship the product. Then it is a fight to get them to issue a RA to take it back. This is highly unethical and very deceptive in their business practices and has to be skirting very close to fraud if not outright criminal conduct.

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  • Dec 20, 2016


Got a call from someone claiming a package was returned to them because the address may be wrong. After giving the correct address, the caller shmoozes about his boss wanting to send out gifts to prospective customers and starts talking about the Philadelphia Eagles merchandise he's sending. He's a fast talker and kept asking if we purchased safety goggles or some other products. Although I never ordered anything, he obtained my name and address of the company.

I informed my employees to not accept delivery of any package from them.

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  • Apr 25, 2017

Scam- Caller says our product was returned

I just got a call from US Standard saying they got a package back and they've had the problem before using UPS and so they want to talk to our manager and ship direct. They are full of crap. They have called before and I toyed with them. They call on our "old" company name so I know its a lie. Such a waste of time.

  • Jan 23, 2017


Received a call that a box was returned to them damaged. I asked them the tracking # and was transferred to the "supervisor" who was just re-boxing the damaged box up and could get me the tracking #. When she got on the phone trying to make jokes (not amused on a Monday morning with people wasting my time), she started into her pitch saying her boss has some items he would like to give away. Click - I don't need to hear anything more. Obviously this wasn't a call about a damaged shipment. Now that I know it's a scam, I will mess with them next time - waste a little bit of their time!

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  • Feb 16, 2017


Called up pretending to know me. Wanted to send me football jerseys, 'the kind you can't even get', buy me a steak dinner, even buy my kids something! I said no, we have a supplier. 'Well, just 50 safety glasses' I'm sending them. I'll need the correct zip code, the package I sent you came back - you can get a correct zip code from the post office web site.

This company is a total scam - they should be shut down and the owners jailed!

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  • Jan 29, 2016

not good

I recently had a sales person call me at work, pushy, and promised to buy me a steak dinner and show me a really good time. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. I have not ordered and wont.

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  • Jan 19, 2016


I had a different salesman call me every day for two weeks trying to tell me what they were going to send me. You can always tell who they are with because they usually lead with some stupid joke. (did you hear about bruce jenner? man used to be on a wheaties box, now he is on the fruit loops box- actually said from the salesman). Here is a typical conversation with them when they call me.

ussp - "do you all use safety glasses?"

me " we do, but we are all stocked up on them."

ussp " ok, well I will just send you out ten boxes of the, I just need a purchase order number."

me " we are good. I do not need anything at this time."

ussp " Ok, well just do me a favor and give me a purchase order number for 25 boxes of ear plugs. You can use those, right?"

me " We do not need anything right now."

ussp " tell ya what, I will send you out 5 boxes of the glass and 15 boxes of the ear plugs. Can I get a purchase order number?"

me " I just told you, we do not need anything right now. I will call you if I need anything, but I cannot justify buying boxes and boxes of items we do not need."

ussp ( hangs up)

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  • Feb 27, 2017


Received a damaged box with one box of ear plugs and two boxes of reusable shop towels.

I noticed what was in the box looked at the invoice saw the name of the "verbal" ordering person, asked him why he ordered items i usually order, was told he didn't order anything and knew nothing about it.

Called US Standard Products, was told he did order the items, I informed them no we did not order them, they said a manager would give me a call, week later i get a call from some guy also swearing this was a "legit" order (the call came from a local number in a town I've been to extremely small and on the other side of the country from their company), Let the people in our office know if they received an invoice to let me know and don't pay it.

last week we got an invoice. In what world does 1 box of ear plugs and 2 boxes of rags cost $951.24


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  • Jul 19, 2017

Don't be fooled

I received an invoice for degreaser, hand towels, glass cleaner and grease tubes. The bill came to $3500 - which is another invoice for the same items billed in the previous month. We have contacted them and they claim to be sending me an authorized work order and a verification of receipt. We did get a palate of stuff but our shop guy says he did not order it. I called to question why we were being billed a second time and they said for our convenience they were splitting the bill up into two. Of course this is a scam. They are trying to bill me $6k for a palate of degreaser, hand towels and glass cleaner. I laughed at the lady on the phone and said no way this shipment is $6k worth of products. She responded that is not my area you will have to speak with sales.

  • Sep 7, 2016


1. Our Site Super received a call, 8/26/2016, Shipped 8/29/2016

2. He was told a package had been returned because it lacked the proper zip code.

**Now we all know that zip codes are easily accessible on the web these days**'

He was asked his job number, and that was the PO # they used

3. Delivery was received at our office 9/6/2016 and checked in

4. Packing slip indicated 2 of one of the products

** We received 1**

5. They are not a supplier set up in our accounting application

6. The customer number was not our typical PO # (generated from my desk)

7. No pricing on packing slip

8. Called Customer Service they transferred me to their NJ office.

9. I was fortunate "lol" to speak with Dan Clark the Comptroller, (who? gets to speak with the Comptroller of a company that easily, lol, because CS manager was out on medical leave)

10. Received pricing over the phone.

(2) 50 lbs of Sweeping Compound @$1.89 per pound =$94.50 per box Total $189.00 (but only received 1)

(2) Cases of towels 160 each/$1.56 ea =$249.00/box =$498.00

(24) Safety glasses at $15.00 ea=$360.00

11. Total items that WE DID NOT ORDER $1047.00

12. Called back, asked for them to pick up the items, and they are going to email me a pick up slip. WE'LL SEE!


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  • Jan 19, 2016


They promised a great product for a great price. Instead we received low quality products with a high price tag. They also shipped and billed products we did not ask for and would not take them back. Lastly they tried billing us several times on the same PO for products we never received.

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  • Apr 15, 2015

Us standard products is dedicated to offering the best in class in product quality, safety, and customer experience.

When we asked an us standard products executive, “how do you avoid complaints?”, he responded, “ussp has a system in place where every complaint is reviewed by an owner of the company. This ensures that we maintain our customer experience at the highest level. If gaps occur an owner finds out about it and makes it right.

We also asked, “so how do you make things right for the client?” he responded, “so far we do not have any complaints. But that is because we have a department that is dedicated to quality control. They are constantly training our reps and reviewing the customer experience. In the event that something arises, ussp will resolve the complaint to the 100% satisfaction of the customer. We want to grow our business on the foundation of satisfied customers. If a customer is not absolutely delighted with our services us standard products will do whatever necessary to resolve the matter.”

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  • May 16, 2017

Financial Dept Mgr

Well if they wanted to resolve a complaint then why didn't he offer to refund me the $250 his company overcharged me for the rags? SCAMMERS is what they are.

  • Apr 19, 2016


They call act like they know you offer you crap and ask if you use there products ear plugs safety glasses and then let me ship you , let me ship you.... P.O. Number please.

then their stuff shows up and you have to ship their crap BACK !!!

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  • Nov 20, 2015


I had an employee order product from this company. This company sells a lesser quality product at a premium price. I called in and spoke to Dan Clark, a controller. I wanted to return product purchased and receive a refund. The company refused to accept the unopened product back. They have yet allowed me to get in touch with the salesman listed on the invoice.

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  • Mar 21, 2018

1. I heard the "blip" when i answered the phone signaling this was an automated sales call that goes to an operator when the phone is answered.

2. Asked for the president and owner of the company. No one just gets to talk to them so i asked which one. They knew which one. I continued to screen asking what it's in regards to. The response was a name and a company name. So, again, what was it in regards to? They needed authorization to send a package. Spidey senses going off, i ask what it was for and she said she wouldn't be able to know. Knowing what i know about shipping, there's always a sales order number or shipper. She asked, very loudly i might add, if she just needed to call him on his cell number. I asked if she wanted to confirm the number, she said, "of course". And then she hung up. Classic.

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  • Mar 1, 2017

Total Scam

I received a phone call with the same tactics as everyone else. A returned shipment with the wrong zip code, promises of free t-shirts, free baseball tickets and a free steak dinner. To quote the salesman on the phone " I've got a big expense account and steak tastes a lot better on my bosses money" Then he said he would ship me out a case of grease. When I told him I will not authorize any purchases over the phone he hung up on me. I would hope at some point the attorney general of New Jersey would investigate their business practices.

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  • Dec 20, 2016


We received a shipment of gloves that they charged $54 a pair for. We can but them locally for $10 and on top of that we never even ordered them. NEVER EVER do business with these lunatics. They are total scammers and calling them pond scum would be the nicest thing that comes to mind. The worst company we have ever had the misfortune of doing business with.

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  • Jun 24, 2016


These guys have called me several times, they always start with "have you gotten a missed package slip from fedex? We shipped a package out to you with your favorite team jersey in it and it came back to us, I have it sitting right here on my desk with a big circle around the address that says the zip code was wrong".

Say they need to double check your address.

They also say they are coming out and will take our crew out to dinner and I have never seen anybody from this place.

I ordered some gloves from them and they were good enough gloves but charged $7 per pair for $1.50 gloves, oh and they did ship the jersey with the gloves and invoice, the jersey was free.

If you tell them you are not going to buy anything, they always hang up on you and you will never get a free jersey.

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  • Nov 11, 2017

Yep definately scam artists

I got the same deal as everyone else. They are vipers and full of it. Their stuff is on the way back to them.. 4 buckets of Icemelt and Some safety glasses + Shipping over 1,000 bucks. thank god they weren't in the system as a good vendor.. no pay for them.

  • Oct 4, 2017

Nothing but a scam!

I received an invoice from US Standard Products. I place all orders and this is NOT a vendor of ours. Called on Monday and was told a customer service rep would call back. Emailed the company on Wednesday and told them to send a return authorization as we would not be paying the invoice. "Chris" from US Standard Products called me today. He stated that our warehouse worker placed the order and that it was verified. He told me if I shipped the heavy container of cleaning junk that they sent, they would credit our account. I refused and told him I read about his company and know it's a scam. He put me on hold and came back and said our invoice will be credited.

  • Sep 13, 2017


Pretty much what everyone else has said. Claimed they used to do business with our company - they haven't. Wanted to ship me what I thought were samples. When I pressed the issue she admitted that they would be billable. I informed her that without a Purchase Order we would not accept product. I emailed the company after reading these complaints to tell them to not send me anything. Product will be refused.

  • Aug 14, 2017


Wow, the US Standard Product company must pay their employees very well. They did same call, acted like box was returned to them, said I am sitting in office. put on someone else (she said driver - no it was speed talking scam artist). If something shows up, we will refuse shipment.

I kept asking if the company ordered before, but she did not give me clear answer.

  • Aug 4, 2017

Scam Staci Davis

Got a call from this company about a package that got returned to them because of a bad zip code when I gave them the correct zip code Staci Davis gets on the phone. She tells me about these NFL jersey shes going to send me and take me out for an expensive dinner since her boss is paying. She tries to say she will send me some of her product and hold the purchase order and I say no she instantly hangs up. How do you do business like this. If you hear her name hang up

  • Aug 4, 2017

Scam Staci Davis

I received a call a few days ago saying there was a box returned to them from my company because of the wrong zip code when I gave them our correct zip code I was switched to Staci Davis a fast talking women who wanted to send me a NFL jersey and since the boss was paying to take me out for an expensive dinner. Then she tries to say send me product and I say no and she hangs up. How is this company in business with workers like this.

  • Aug 1, 2017

Free Safety Glasses and Ear Plugs are not free-A scam

Rep called and said because we have been such a good customer in the past they would send me some safety glasses and earplugs. I am not the shop manager, and agreed to accept free earplugs and glasses, but never agreed to so many and never to pay for them! Yeah we received a lifetime supply with boxloads of stuff (for a 2 person shop) and then a bill for $1149.72!


  • Jun 28, 2017

Pushy sales man told me he had already talked to the owner of our company and just needed to know the types and styles we would like. He asked about safety glasses and i told him we wear clear indoors and tinted outdoors and said ok what about ear plugs, do you like the kind with the lanyard or not i said i did and he said for the order he was sending me a shirt don't tell the boss he would send it in my name. Found out he had not talked to the owner and the order was not authorized. Fast talking idiots!!!!!!!!

  • May 16, 2017

Finance Dept Mgr

We got bit by this scam once but not again. We got rags and a bill for $278 but these rags are available at other retailers for $31. They sent a second box and they wanted me to pay shipping back to them. I told them if they wanted them back they will have to pay the shipping. We also got the call a couple of weeks ago about the package being sent to the wrong address and they just wanted to send me some free gifts. I told them I didn't want free gifts so they hung up. Well if they don't send a prepaid shipping label I guess I will consider this my free gift. WOW there are some crazy scams out there so be careful.

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