USA First Cash Advance

Country United States
State Texas
Phone 214-310-5112

USA First Cash Advance Reviews

  • Jun 13, 2015

I got a message at my work on a Thursday that someone named Devin Raymond called and told them that a warrant for my arrest was going to be issued on Monday. I was given a name and a number to call back. I called them back after work and was asked not to interrupt while he read "charges". He wanted to know how soon I was going to pay it back.

I asked him when it was taken out, why the report was coming from Texas, how much it was and the account number. His responses were that it was taken out in the last three years; didn't have a specific date. The state didn't matter, they were nationwide. Gave me the amount, an odd one at $489. Only had the last four numbers of the account number.

I admit that it all scared me at first, then I started thinking about all the info that he didn't have. Called him back when I got home and he still wouldn't give me any more answers. He did have my ssn and knew what bank I used and what city I lived in. He is supposed to call me on the 15th to get info on a payment that I had told him I could make.

SO glad I looked up the company and found this site! Now I know that I don't owe this and this is yet another penny ante con man trying to scare me into giving money that I don't have.

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