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Country United States
State British Indian Ocean Territory
City Owings Mills
Address PO Box 277
Phone (877) 215-4758

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  • Jul 24, 2014

Tasheen Pickett (goes by Ty or Tylor) came on November of 2013 to move all our furniture, boxes, personal belongings into his truck. He made us sign the moving contract which had the name of the company and DOT# white out.

He told us the company USA RECOLATION, Inc was in the process of changing names. He charged us 50% up front. Asked for cash Only. He said he didn't know where he was going to store the container yet since there are more customers that he needs to go help. He said he will deliver furniture whenever we tell him too.

January of 2014 comes by, we call Brenda Mack, supposelily the Admin at the office told us we will have to send a payment if we want our stuff delivered at the end of March. She sends us a form to sign through email and enter credit card number. This time the form had a company's name with an address in South Carolina called J & P Moving Inc. Address: 4250 wrangler trail Sumter, SC 29150

We faxed the form and she took our money. Comes March 24th and our stuff didn't get deliveried. We called Brenda Mack and she says that due to weather conditions they couldn't delivered.

Comes April, we call Brenda again and she said truck driver Ty is in the hospital he can't deliver our stuff yet.

Comes April 18th when she promised she will deliver the stuff, we haven't even heard from anyone. We called Brenda and she told us to "never call her again". We called next day and the number 888-505-6597 has been disconected. From this point we only had Ty's cell phone number to communicate with. He kept telling us he doesn't have a clue where our furniture is. He gave us Abraham Gabey DOT# and from there we called the cops to get Abraham'a contact number. A cop drove by to USA MOVERS EXPRESS to see if it actually exists in Owings Mills, MD.

Called Abraham and he told us that Tasheen never delivered the container to his company USA MOVERS EXPRESS located in Owings Mills, Maryland. Abraham told us to forget about our furniture because it's probably auctioned. More than $50,000 Stolen and nobody can help?!?!?

Who has our furniture? The truck driver or the Owner Abraham Gabey?

Is it in Maryland or South Carolina??

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  • Aug 14, 2014

JandP Moving, Inc.

Stole over $100,000 in furniture and private belongings on June 3rd, 2014. No help with recovery. Moved through Ash Moving they sent Try Tasheen with a plan to steal from the beginning. He also had white out on paperwork USA Relocation! Why is he still getting away with this !!!

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