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  • Apr 15, 2015

Between September 2012 and November 2015, I have served 1056 summon's for USA Serve. At no point during these 3 years, has Michael Cannon ever kept to his own policy of paying every 2 weeks as is stated in his own policy, but hes has always eventually paid, until now.

As per his website, USA Serve isuued me a check for $1400.00 on December 3, 2014, but I never received this check. After numerous emails back and forth with Maryann, I finally got a replacement check in March, 2015....For $630.00. After numerous emails, once again, I am still waiting for the remainder of the "original" check. Although I have asked numerous times how the amount of a "repalcement" check could possibly differ from the original amount, I was only ever told that "we are looking into it. Mysteriously though, USA-Serve managed to 1099 me for the missing amaount.

As of this date, I am still waiting for a response to my last 5 emails to Maryann. You can only email Maryann at this point, as Michael Cannons email has been shut down. Never an answer at the business line, a return call or text from anyone.

At this point, I am still owed over $3000.00 from jobs as far back as June 8, 2014: Almost a year.

I am now preparing to take legal action against this company. If anyone finds themselves in the same situation, please contact me.

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  • Oct 29, 2014

According to the form you fill out when signing up, payments are made bi-weekly. However, 45 days have passed since I mailed my final affidavits and I have yet to receive a check. The one check I did receive was much less than anticipated. When I questioned Mr. Cannon, I was informed that I was paid by address not by defendant which was NOT discussed when we were negotiating fees. Everyone in the process serving world knows that you charge per defendant but for some reason Mr. Cannon chooses to pay by address even though his clients are paying him per defendant (this has been verified with his clients).

Mr. Cannon chooses to hide behind the fine print on his website that he doesn't even tell his new servers about. I found this information on my own.

For the past week, I have sent several emails and have made several calls regarding payment all of which have gone unanswered. My emails are now being rejected and of course there is never any answer to the phone calls. I have contacted the law firms that I served for and have learned some valuable information. Mr. Cannon is making a killing off these firms and is cheating his servers.

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  • Jul 23, 2014

These guys are scam they use small companies nationwide to farm process services out to then they do not pay the process servers but bill their clients large amounts of money. Do not use this company

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