Country United States
State Chile
City Elmira
Address 1430 Sullivan Street
Phone 1-800-872-7446

USA-SIGN Reviews

  • Aug 13, 2014

I, a Hispanic professional personally handed Jason De Reese $250 cash on July, 31st of 2014 at 1715 hours as deposit to start an elderly couple's Spa channel letters for the following Tuesday, the 5th of August as he promised.

A plethora of calls and texts were made the prior Monday and on Tuesday, day of installation inquiring as to the ETA of their letters, and miraculously he finally called back! All Jason would say is another fellow sign guy failed to give him the letters, and that he is a one man show. Last attempt to get a refund, Jason refused and fails to call or erect letters as promised per the receipt he handed me, and as of today's date - the 12th of August, no channel letters and no refund.

Found another Hispanic client on Manta that he also burned by not providing the sign he had pre-paid Jason 100%.

Do not entrust your hard earned money that you could use to put food on the table for your family, and please reference BBB and do a thorough search before using any sign company as I should have.

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