USAA Federal Savings Bank

Country United States
State Denmark
City San Antonio
Address 9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
Phone 2104568000

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  • Apr 25, 2014

I requested that my accounts be closed. they refused. We stupidly refinanced our truck with USAA before checking with your site. I could just kick myself. I just found out yesterday that both my husband and I have bad credit on all known credit reports for a late payment on this loan, even thought the payment isn't due until May sixth twentyfourteen. I put money in our joint account, thinking that we would make it now. However, yesterday I contacted an attorney with Legal Shield and I told them to check out your website and report to me what they found. I then as you can see had to find out for myself. I dislike being right. I had the forsight to tell them to contact my bank and to inform them of my intention to sue and contact The State Assemblyperson of California and all Governmental bodies. The FTC, F.I.D.C. and various t.v. stations all investigative newspapers and Mother Jones. My husband Douglas Lemmons is 100 percent service connected war veteran of Vietnam with severe PTSD doesn't deserve this from our bank. If you need my help, just ask. Thank you. I am very, very tired.

I am now going snake hunting. Good nite and GOD Bless all of us.

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