Country United States
State Afghanistan
Phone 855-413-5001

USBC Care Reviews

  • Jul 17, 2014

I get a call from this number and a very polite but stern individual, of what i believe of indian descent due to accent, "warned" me of hackers trying to access my computer. He claimed to be an employee of Microsoft and said that their servers indicated a possible intrusion into my computer by hackers. When I asked how they knew about such an attack he responded that information was sent to their servers. I then asked for his Microsoft tech ID, he gave me DM10014. He then realized that I was on to him and reassured me that he was legitimate by continuing to tell me that he works for a Microsoft authorized company called USBC Care and that they had a website that i could visit. He explained that I could view his Microsoft certification on the site. I let him know that I also had Microsoft Certification (I don't but I am a certified technician) and that doesn't mean that I am a legitimate authorized representative of Microsoft.

At this point the scammer hung up realizing the more I asked questions the closer I would get to revealing his plot. I wished he had stayed on the line so i could ask more questions to try and get more information about this horrible scam. Please do not fall victim to this! Microsoft would never call you and their "servers" do not receive information about hacking attempts on YOUR computer. He was likely trying to get information about my computer (so that HE or his organization could attempt to hack it or more than likely he would try to get me to go to a website that would give him access to my computer). I work as a help desk support technician and I troubleshoot computers everyday remotely, I however am legitimate and only help people REQUESTING help. If you have not requested help (aka calling a company for support) do NOT give these people free access to your computer.

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