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  • Jul 17, 2014

I received a phone call on March 17, 2014 from a man saying he was from UPS and they needed to verify my address in order to deliver a package to me. I kept insisting that I had not ordered anything and he kept me on the line insisting he needed to verify the address and was this not my address and I replied yes. When he asked for my birthdate, I refused and he hung up. I think they keep you on the phone long enough to get the coordinates that they need to get you over to their fraudulent service.

My next phone bill that is bundled with my internet, cell phone and land line phone also had long distance charges from USBI Teledias. Until that moment I had never heard of that company so I called Century Link and asked what it was and they said I had to contact USBI. I did and insisted that they take me off of their long distance and remove the charges of $90.57. I was told they could not do that as a supervisor could only do that. I asked to talk to a supervisor and they refused. They said they would disconnect me, but the charges would have to be reviewed so could I call back in a few days. I called two or three times and told that they still couldn't do it.

One evening our long distance calling would not work so I called Century Link and told them the saga and they said they would fix it so the long distance would work and would remove the charge from USBI so I could pay the rest of my bill. I assumed everything was fine until I got my phone bill last week in May. There are long distance charges from USBI again for $143.67. I again called them and the woman tells me that she cannot do anything that the supervisor has to remove the charges. I asked for the supervisor and was informed that she was out and would not be back until Monday at which time I asked her if Monday was not a holiday and she said yes that the supervisor would be in on Tuesday. I will be calling again tomorrow (Tuesday) as she told me I was cancelled on April 21st and there were charges on my bill for everyday through the 28th. Could not get that through her head that if I got cancelled on 21st why were there charges after that? I am sure there are charges up through the current date. I have been using my cell phone for long distance so they cannot try to get any more racked up on my bill.

I am so frustrated because if I pay my total bill to Century Link and they forward the money to USBI that is for charges of long distance that I NEVER authorized; I will never get rid of them. I called Century Link on Friday and asked if there was anything they could do to help me get rid of them and they said they could block the billing from coming in to them but their computer was out and would not be fixed until Tuesday when someone would help me

I asked USBI why would I want their charges when I have a flat rate of $79.99 with Century Link that I can call anywhere in the US, any time of day or night and not pay any extra. I would have to be a total idiot to want to pay more for my long distance phone service - they must think that seniors will just not catch it or fight it and they can continue their fraudulent tactics and we will just pay. I have always been a penny pincher and I will not go down without a fight. Tomorrow I will start again - hopefully I will win this time. I now know that I have to ask for them to refund ALL the charges, not just the ones on this billing period. 2014-05-2613:19:56

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